Firefox icon missing windows 10

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System Details: Windows 10 Firefox 67.0 More mechanism details

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Shockwave Flash 32.0 r0


User Agent: (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:67.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/67.0

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FF Taskbar symbol is blank, yet FF functions OK


For possibly a couple of weeks now, the FF symbol on the Taskbar has been many of the moment blank white. The desktop symbol is fine, and also whatever else works OK. Occasionally, however not always, if I right-click the taskbar icon and also select Delete, the icon is not deleted, yet all of a sudden the FF symbol is tbelow. Other times the symbol is deleted.

If I then right click the desktop icon and also select Pin To Taskbar, it appears on the taskbar however via a blank icon.

I"m baffled.

FF 67, immediately updatedVictory 10 64-bit

For possibly a pair of weeks now, the FF icon on the Taskbar has actually been many of the time blank white. The desktop icon is fine, and whatever else works OK. Occasionally, however not always, if I right-click the taskbar icon and pick Delete, the icon is not deleted, yet suddenly the FF icon is there. Other times the icon is deleted.If I then ideal click the desktop symbol and pick Pin To Taskbar, it shows up on the taskbar but through a blank symbol.I'm baffled.FF 67, automatically updatedSuccess 10 64-bit
Chosen solution

Hi bxcfilm,

The just various other possible solutions that I can think of are:

A) Get the Thumbnail & Icon Rebuilder tool from here:

This will allow you to target only the icon cache and also clear out any kind of possible corruption.

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B) Run Disk Cleanup and also be sure to examine the Thumbnails tickbox.

This will purge every one of your symbols and thumbnails from their caches. If you have most photos, videos, and so on they will certainly reconstruct once you watch them and also it could take some time.

Either method, I would certainly Unpin the icon from the taskbar and also delete any desktop computer shortreduced to Firefox beforehand.

The Rebuilder tool will market to reboot your computer system when it"s done. Allow it to.

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And you have to reboot your computer after running Disk Cleanup if you choose that alternative.

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