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first off, my difficulty is NOT that firefox keeps beginning in safe mode. my difficulty is that it is feasible.basically, I have really poor difficulties via controlling myself on the internet...and I waste to a lot time on assorted, blogs, facebook, youtube etc.I am utilizing LeechBlock which is impressive, however it is exceptionally basic to bypass by going into safe mode. I have deleted my safe mode shortcut, however sadly I still have actually no self-restraint, and also it is soooo straightforward to start from the command prompt....therefore I am searching for a means to completely disable the safe mode alternative for firefox. I think that if I deserve to number that out, I will certainly basically have actually myself under manage...which would be awesome...I can actually perform my homework-related and research for my finals then!So yeah, thanks in breakthrough if anyone have the right to show me how to carry out this!
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Posted May third, 2010, 5:18 pm

Hmmm.... ADD medication? Just kidding. Safe Setting is a built-in part of Firefox and like Windows Safe Setting, is simply a start-up choice that instantly transforms off extensions and also restores the default template. Even if you could disable Safe Mode, you could always just Disable "LeechBlock" and restart Firefox within seconds. If you desire to simply totally block time-wasting sites you can add them to your hosts file so that they won"t open in any kind of browser.

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Posted May 3rd, 2010, 6:04 pm

if there"s no method, then I guess i"ll have to number something out, though i"ll stick roughly right here to check out if anyone else has actually thoughts. medication could actually be the solution lol. But once I said LeechBlock is awesome, I wasn"t kidding! Not just does it prevent you from disabling or uninstalling it, it additionally blocks about:config. the just means i know to disable it is safe mode, or to physically delete the documents from the profile folder (which i think I CAN regulate myself from doing).thank for the response though!

Posted May third, 2010, 8:58 pm

so i figured it out: I provided 7z to extract from the web browser.jar file two papers called SafeMode.js & SafeSetting.xul.I then supplied skpet to make the "cancel" alternative the just one, so safe mode have the right to never before run. I used 7z to place them ago in the archive. yay!

Posted May third, 2010, 10:52 pm

Thats pretty funny kingabraham3, I recognize what you are talking around though. However even If firefox safemode is taken out, don"t you have IE or Safari on your machine?.......Also your smartphone has actually internet. I do not recommfinish this but if you are a already smoker.....cigs beat off any type of other guilty urges out and also they don"t waste that much time.
Honestly, you must most likely obtain someone else to block those sites for you and just let them have actually the password. That have to aid. When you have actually put doors up that"s a action in the ideal direction. But as soon as you save all the keys still have a few measures to go. It"s not really a question of disabling the safe mode for firefox. In a nice way...maybe it"s a means to flourish in self regulate.

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Posted May 3rd, 2010, 11:36 pm

thanks for the assistance. i basically currently have myself under control --- IE is disabled with Add/rerelocate home windows features, and also i don"t have actually any type of various other browsers mounted. the password to leechblock is randomly generated so i can"t go into the settings, and about:config is disabled so i can not look up the password there (except for one minute a day!). i can"t disable or uninstall the add-on bereason that is blocked, and i can"t launch safe mode i"m pretty comtrolled! obviously i can still delete the leechblock documents from the profile folder and also i can always install another web browser, yet i think i can manage not to execute that....
oh, and the finest part -- i set the leechblock page to a tradition html that i made via a substantial stop sign and in huge words "gain ago to occupational b*tch!" and it plays a wav file i discovered of a really loud annoying emergency alarm sound.

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kingabraham3 wrote:oh, and also the ideal component -- i collection the leechblock page to a tradition html that i made via a substantial speak authorize and in substantial words "acquire ago to work-related b*tch!" and it plays a wav file i found of a really loud annoying emergency alarm sound. It sounds favor your doing better. Good luck!
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