Firefox change color of tabs

The default design template (duplicated from Windows) in the new firefox suits me well, Expect for 2 thing.

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The bar + the highlight

I know, when default, this all originates from Windows settings.

I currently found out just how to readjust the nav-bar shade by means of CSS through these lines added to a css :


background-color: #633b3c !important;

But I can't discover the code for the peak bar ...

Please, Assistance me


Just curious - have you searched the sub for the answer?

As this has actually been spanned many times :)

Plus you can use the Browser Toolbox to gain the information and learn just how to make the transforms you would like.

Hi Yawn_zz ... Yes I searched ... !!!

"nav-bar" ?

Just in instance you don't know, the "web browser toolbox" does not permit one to "find" the "names" of all the elements ...

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Keep collecting points ... yet not from me !

Hello It_Was_The_other_Guy,

A picture would certainly tell it all. But I can't discover a button to insert a photo in my comment.

I'm making use of Firefox v73.0.1 ...

Names for Css ... keep transforming !

Nonetheless, I found making use of "" that the component I would prefer to adjust is named "background color" (ie : background color of all the bars ... (title bar, nav bar, tabs bar"

I require this simple readjust of color because I'm utilizing 3 portable Firefox ... one is clean, the second is for tests through addons and mods ... and the third one is for "normal usage".

Can you tell me what is the "css name" for the "background color" as named in the "color.firefox" ?

And just for details, an up-to-day fundamental plan of css through the updated names would certainly really be some assist ...

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Here is a picture :

The "red background color and also zone" is the one I would prefer to readjust. (via userChrome.css or any kind of various other way)

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