Recall: According to the photoelectric effect, an electron have the right to be ejected from the surchallenge of a steel if it"s hit through pholots of enough power. The kinetic power (KE) of the ejected electron is related to the power of the photon (Ephoton) hitting the metal surconfront by this equation:



wbelow φ = job-related feature of the metal, which is the minimum energy of a photon that is required to eject an electron. The threshost frequency, v0, of a metal is the minimum frequency essential to eject an electron and also is provided by:



where h = Planck"s continuous (6.626 × 10–34 J • s).

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What is the threshold frequency for sodium steel if a photon through frequency 6.66 × 1014 s−1 ejects an electron through 7.74 × 10 −20 J kinetic energy? Will the photoelectric impact be oboffered if sodium is exposed to ovariety light?

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