Given an variety of strings arr<>, the job is to discover the largest string in the selection which is comprised of the various other strings from the array after concatenating one after another. If no such string exists then print -1.

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Examples:Input: arr<> = “geeks”, “for”, “geeksfor”, “”Output:“” is consisted of of (“geeks” + “for” + “geeks”).Even though “geeksfor” is additionally made up of other stringshowever it is not the largest string.Input: arr<> = “Hey”, “you”, “stop”, “right”, “there”Output : -1
Approach:Sort all the strings based upon their lengths in decreasing order.Now, founding from the longest string. Check for all feasible predeal with of the string whether it is existing in the offered selection and also for the staying part of the string, recursively check whether it can be comprised from various other strings from the array.Map deserve to be used to check whether a string exists in the selection or not. The initially string which satisfies the over conditions is the answer.If no such string exists then print -1.Below is the implementation of the above approach:

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