Have you faced instances where you wanted to download some cool stuff, clicking the download link takes you to a page which is all blacked out and also then comes an annoying popup asking you to finish a survey in order to unlock the web page and view the downpack links that you are searching for ?

By the way, right here is a parental manage application that deserve to manage limitations and filter content.

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It annoys us also but tright here is a less complicated means to stop taking those intrusive and also unimportant surveys.


Here is how :

1. Open the web page which has the survey advertisement in Mozilla Firefox.

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2. Don’t click the survey link but rather hit Ctrl + U or go to View > Page Source from Mozilla Firefox.

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3. It will open a window which has actually some code in it, sindicate scroll dvery own wbelow you can check out the web links in clear text which you wanted to downpack from in the initially area, copy and paste them in your favorite download manager or in a brand-new internet browser tab.


4. Start downloading and install, every one of this without those annoying surveys .