SORRY I’m an old lady that has been out of the dating game for awhile. Is “feeling some sort of way/a specific form of way” cool slang nowadays, or is simply something they all have actually picked up in the house? They say it SO MUCH, and for a broad selection of emotions. You can really make a drinking game of it!


I've heard that one, although the one I save hearing this seaboy is "POINT BLANK PERIOD". Is that a brand-new famous expression for at an early stage 20's folks? Now that I'm in my late 20's, I have actually no principle. haha

I hate that! It’s the lazy means to express your feelings without actually expressing them. You feel some kind of way around me? Hatred, love, that knows? It’s just some kind of way. Stupid.

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“feeling some sort of way/a certain kind of way” is at least 5 years old. Its a term I use once Im mad or upcollection however I recognize the feeling is superficial. If I sassist that I'm mad or upset it would indicate too a lot depth to the emovement. The emotion/ feeling is valid, as it is how I feel, but pre-exsiting terms do not accurately convey it. It deserve to also be offered to explain a vast range of emovements as you sassist. In a complex situation you commonly feel many kind of points at as soon as and also its not common in daily conversation to just list out all the emotions. If you were talking to a younger perboy and also you sassist that you are “feeling some kind of way/a specific form of way” the listener may not recognize your precise feelings however they would have actually an principle of their complexity

Dude I had a co-worker who offered that phrase, prefer, not in a dating setting, but just at work. "You males didn't tell me there was cake in the break room, got me feelin some type of way" Like not that precise instance, yet she simply supplied the phrase at occupational all the moment. So cringe

OMG! I was just coming right here to ask this question. I'm not that old but I had never before heard it prior to this seachild. I really hate it...Like allot. Just insert an emotion that is appropriate. You are making me feel great, nice, one-of-a-kind, poor, mad.

Someone said 5 years old, however it’s at least a decade. I’m 31 though so maybe it wasn’t around for the younger human being lol.

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