Catherine Svilicic would certainly never have imagined that her dog would certainly be aggressive in the direction of her young 17 month old baby! When a mother sees her own boy being thrown ameans prefer that, she fears for her child’s life of course and also her valuable face. We hope that a young baby favor this one would certainly not require cosmetic surgical treatment to repair the claw marks on his fragile face. So that fateful morning she ran off through her baby to safety and security, yet what happened following revealed something about her brand-new dog’s intentions.

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One Starray Morning

At the moment Catherine Svilicic made a decision to take on the Doberman, she supposed just a loving and docile pet. Of course, she imagined that the dog would bond through her little girl and also they would certainly end up being inseparable.



Once things changed all of a sudden in her very own backyard, she was shocked! This story is simply the proof that you always have to be mindful when you have actually a dog at residence once you have a tiny baby. While some dogs are made to save a baby safe, others have different temperaments. Unfortunately, although there are breeds of dogs recognized to be good for babies, they are not always to be trusted, a dog is still an pet .

Unusual Behavior

Even though she kbrand-new that the rescued dogs came from abusage or neglect and also that this might affect their behaviour, she tried her luck. She just took a chance with a bad animal so maybe the pet will certainly live a better life.

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When she made her decision, she didn’t imagine for a second that the animal could be a hazard to her little girl, and also yet… Moreover, if you have a baby and you desire to take on a dog or if you have actually a dog while you are expecting a baby, you will have to count on interaction. Indeed, even if the dog is an animal, he will still have the ability to understand what we say to him if we repeat it gently, eincredibly day. Here, the mother-to-be should have spoken through the dog and the baby at the same time…


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