So I assigned all of my settlers to their own individual beds, however eexceptionally time I come ago to the settlement all of the communities doors are open and everyone is gathered in my bar rather of being in their beds. But my happiness is still at 82%. How perform I get the inhabitants to use their assigned beds?

I am playing on the PS4.

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I additionally observed this behaviour and it seems this only happens if you have actually a bar.

Try to unasauthorize the bar and also you will certainly check out them going to bed next time. Tright here is also no negative impact if they don"t actually usage their beds (I do not think they will die from sleep deprivation, because they party eextremely night), as lengthy as they have sufficient beds.


Some civilization have had issues via structure beds in custom structures and then the npcs don"t enter the prefabs and also sleep but they don"t require the sleep basically.

Or every one of your settlers are Synths :O. Due to the fact that synths do not require sleep.


I've discovered that occasionally settlers can't pathdiscover right into the framework. To inspect, choose a settler and straight them to enter the structure. If they can't obtain in, you most likely must develop procedures or build the ground up utilizing shack floor pieces.
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