Success Leaves Clues

Here is my collection of Success Stories that my students have shared with me after each Match. Listen to their stories of overcoming good obsticles to reach their goals. Look for the tricks to their success and think around how you have the right to use their motivation and advice to get rid of your own obstacles. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

I look forward to posting your story!!!!

Warmest Wishes,



Couples Match in IM and also Neurosurgery

Non-US IMGTip 1 : 250Tip 2 CK : 265Step 2 CS : PASSTip 3 : 233One prior attempt at matchingCouples matched in Neurosurgical treatment & IM


Grit and also Persistence

US Osteopathic StudentCOMLEX 1: 519COMLEX 2: 495COMLEX 2 CS: PassCOMLEX 3: 506Step 1: 206Match Violation2 unsuccessful years matchingYOG: 2018

Here"s the success story of a US Osteopathic student who discovered himself in a very tough situation while trying to complement right into surgeryand had the ability to ultimately enhance usinggrit and persistence.

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Luck and GOD

Tip 1:193Step 2 CK:209CS: PassTip 3:206US IMGYOG2012FOUR Unsuccessful Attempt at Matching

Here"s an inspirational story of an IMG via low board scores, year of graduation 2012, and 4 unsuccessful attempts who never gave up and also was able to complement via difficult occupational, luck, and also GOD!


Be Genuine and Follow Your Heart

US IMGStep 1 :194 Tip 2 CK :224Tip 2 CS : Pass

Here’s the success story of an IMG withmultiple attempts at action 1andlow board scoreswho kbrand-new she had to develop actual relationships and also a sincere individual statement to obtain her complement in Family Medicine!


Impossible Dream

Step 1: 267Tip 2 CK: 279CS: PassTip 3: 250Non-US IMGYOG 2018One Unsuccessful Attempt at Matching

Here’s the success story of a non-US IMG who when considered Radiology an “Impossible Dream” however was able to boost his application to make his dream a reality!!!

A Nine Year Journey to the Match

US IMGTip 1 : 212Step 2CK : 216Step 2 CS : PassYOG: 2004Four uneffective attempts at Matching

Here’s the impressive story of an IMG with low scores, year of graduation in 2004, and also 4 uneffective matching attempts that went on a 9-year journey and discovered a residency basically in her very own backyard!

Plan to Match

Non-US IMGTip 1: 250Step 2 CK: 259Step 2 CS: PassStep 3: 238

Here’s the success story of a non-US IMG who followed her plan to get her categorical place in Surgery!

A Friendly Push

Non-US IMGStep 1 : 210Step 2CK : 232Tip 2 CS : PassYOG: 2015

Here"s the success story of a non-US IMG with low board scores and also even more then 5 years from graduation that got a "friendly push" to save him going throughout the difficult times!

Tips for your Match Quest!

Step 1: 237(1st attempt)Step 2 CK: 257(1st attempt)Step 2 CS: Pass (1st attempt)Step 3: NOT DONEUS IMG

Here are some helpful tips to assist you succeed on your pursuit to acquire matched!

Correcting Your Match Mistakes

Tip 1: 200Tip 2 CK: 238 Tip 2 CS: PassOne prior unsuccessful attempt at matchingNon-US IMG.YOG: 2016

Here’s the success story ofa non-US IMG with low board scores, a miss out on on CK due to family worries, and also missed match attempt that corrected his mistakes and gained his number 1 Choice!!!!Bravo!!!

Facing Adversity

US IMGTip 1 :206 Tip 2 CK :213Tip 2 CS : Pass Faibrought about match last year <2 Interviews>

Here’s the success story of a student who challenged adversity and overcame the obstacles of negative board scores, multiple attempts, and also a devastating household tragedy.

Here’s a success story around a self-described “average medical college student” who failed biochem in medical school but turned things roughly by learning ideas quite then memorizing and reached his desires of corresponding in Neurology!!!!

Tip 1 :255Tip 2 CK: 262YOG:2018 (Failed Biochemisty)Non-US IMG

Stick to your Guns

US D.O. StudentTip 1 : 186Step 2CK : 220COMLEX Level 1 : 501COMLEX Level 2 : 493

Here"s the success story of a US Osteopathic student (DO) who failed the USMLE step 1 and was told by her advisor to offer up on her preferred specialty but she “stuck to her guns” and also matched in Emergency Medicine!

Keep Grinding

US IMGTip 1 : 205Tip 2CK : 235Tip 2CS : PassYOG : 2017Didn"t complement last year

What perform you carry out as soon as you don"t match.... you save on grinding! Here"s a success story to store your spirits high!

Faith and Attitude

US IMGTip 1 : 197 <4th attempt>Tip 2CK : 203Step 2CS : PassStep 3 : 203

"When I began, they told me I had actually no chance of acquiring into the regimen if that was my goal." =>Never before underestimate the power of confidence and a positive attitude!

The Difficult Roadway From Baseball to Medicine

US IMGStep 1 : 211Step 2CK : 228Tip 2CS : Pass

Sharing Your Struggles

US IMGTip 1: 200 <4th Attempt>Step 2CK : 223 Step 2CS : PassTip 3 : 201YOG : 2014Three prior attempts at Matching

Here"s an inspirational story around an IMG that acquired her opportunity by being open up and also sharing her battles.

Opportunities Appear When You Keep Looking For Them

US IMGTip 1 Pass Tip 2 CK PassStep 2 CS Pass 10 Years because Graduation

Opportunities just seem to appear as soon as we keep in search of them! Here"s an inspirational story about a doc who despite nearly having to offer up on being a doc save looking for a way and also lastly found it:

Using a Preliminary Position as a Stepping Stone

US IMGStep 1: 225Tip 2: 231

Here"s an inspirational story about an IMG who SOAPed her way to a preliminary position that she provided as a stepping rock to her goal!

Rocking the Audition Rotation

US IMGStep 1 : 216Tip 2CK : 218 <2nd attempt>Tip 2CS : Pass <2nd attempt>

What are the possibilities of equivalent in Psychiaattempt for an IMG with low board score and multiple attempts? Excellent.... if you nail that audition!!!

Getting Advice on Become a Better Applicant

Non-US IMG Step 1 : 209Tip 2 CK 232 <2nd attempt>Step 2 CS: PassYOG: 2014 Didn"t complement last year

Here"s a success story that illustrates the prestige of boosting your application to provide yourself the ideal possibility of matching!

The Long Road to an Emergency Medicine Residency

Getting a residency in a competitive specialty can be a challenging thing for an IMG to perform. Here"s a success story of an IMG who was willing to execute one more specialty to acquire the specialty of her dreams!!!

Be Confident and Stand also Up For Yourself

US IMG Step 1 : 197 <2nd attempt>Step 2 CK : 215YOG: 2016

What would you say if a regimen director looks at your low board scores throughout the intersee and states to you..."I don"t even understand why you are here!"?

You have the right to have actually a Family and your Dream Job too!

IMGStep 1: 201 in 2014 Step 2 CK : 222Tip 2 CS: PassStep 3 : 217Years because graduation: 10 years1Visa status: Eco-friendly Card holder

Can an IMG that is 10 years from graduation with low scoresstart a family AND gain their dream job?

It takes a Village and also most Hard Work!

Step 1 (4th attempt)Tip 2CK (2nd attempt)Year of Graduation: 2004Multiple attempts at matching

Developing Connections to Achieve your Dreams!

Step 1 :209(First attempt)Step 2 :229(First attempt)Step 2CS : Pass (First attempt)Gap: 12 yearsOne failed attempt to matchMvarious other of 2 young children!

Here"s the success story of a mom of 2 young children with a graduation gap of 12 years, low USMLE scores, and a failed attempt at matching that used her relations to reach her dreams!!!

Lessons Learned From My Matching Adventure

Tip 1 : 224Step 2CK : 236Step 2CS : Pass (First attempt)Gap: 6-year gap

It"s been a lengthy road from graduating from clinical institution in Venezuela in 2012, moving to Canada a year later, and finally equivalent in the US. Here are some lessons learned alengthy the way...

A 10-Year Journey

Step 1 : 225Step 2CK : 227One missed attempt at MatchingSwitched Medical Schools

Here"s a success story 10 years in the making. We face many obstacles in life..... How you attend to them and persist thru the difficult times makes all the distinction...

The Fighter Attitude

If you wright here dismissed from your medical institution and also then failed action 1 would you provide up? Not if you have the figher perspective....

How Bad Do You Want It?

Here"s a success story filled via good advice for never giving up and also finding out from your mistakes to boost your chances of corresponding.

Advice for non-traditional, non-US, IMG students

Here are some tips and advice from a non-typical, non-US Caribbean medical college graduate via "average to below-average" board scores who matched in their number #1 program!

Networking to Match in Radiology

Here’s the success story of a unconventional, non-US IMG student, that newly had actually a son, and also wanted to reach her desires of combining radiology and international health:

Non-US IMG, GC holderTip 1 242Step 2 CK 249Tip 2 CS passed (all first attempts)YOG: MD (2010) and also MSc in Global Health Science (2014)

Create your very own Path

US Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) studentCOMLEX Tip 1 score : 441 (Second attempt)COMLEX Tip 2 score : 456 (Fourth attempt)Graduated off-cycle as a result of second attempts on Exams.

A DO student found out that the rules of the mechanism quit him from having actually the finest possibility at corresponding... so what did he do? He readjusted the system!!! Check out his fascinating story:

When you absolutely, positively need to be an OB/GYN...

Step 1 : 222 (first attempt)Step 2 CK: 265 (first attempt)Step 2 CS: Pass (first attempt)Tip 3 : 242 (initially attempt)GAP since graduation: 17-years (YOG 2000!!!) Non US IMG Second attempt at equivalent Number of interviews: 9

Hello Dr. Barone,

I am an IMG and I would certainly prefer to share my very own story with you, and aid others to not lose hope and work hard for their dreams. I’ve been following you for a while and I check out all of the stories that you share in your website around world who achieved their desires and also never before offered up. All of them influenced me and made me to save going in the time of all this time.

Here is my story. I did a Residency in OB/GYN in my home country and then I concerned the US. I acquired some US experience working as a MA for 6 months, volunteer work in a hospital, observership for one month in a FM exclusive clinic but I had actually no research study endure. This is my second Match, last year I just obtained 1 IV in OBGYN and didn’t Match, however I simply applied to OB GYN and also I think that is why I didn’t have even more IVs.

For this Match, I was identified to succeed so I decided to enhance my Personal Statement, I obtained better LORs, and also passed Step 3 through a good score. Also, I applied to 3 different specialties, what I think was incredibly useful bereason I got 9 IVs, 4 of them in FM, 3 in OBGYN and also 2 in IM. After 7 years being out, I realized that I simply wanted via all my heart to be a doctor aget, and also I was willing to be a different sort of medical professional which was extremely tough for me bereason I am an natural OB and also I love percreating surgeries and also I missed so badly being in the OR best in the middle on the activity and also carrying babies!

I have to say that deeply in my heart I kbrand-new that I was going to have the ability to execute my passion again (that was my hope); however, some times I was worried because of all my red flags and also I tried to save a positive attitude, study tough, focus on my objectives and also execute my best!

Fortunately, in the time of this journey I had actually the assistance of my husband, family members, and some friends from my clinical institution that are physicians and currently are practicing right here. All of them were my angels and also their advice and also assist were important for me, so it is incredibly necessary to have actually the best world about you.

Finally, I gained 2 Prematch provides... 1 in OBGYN and the one more one in IM. I’m incredibly excited for this brand-new chapter of my life. To end up being an OBGYN again in this country is a dream come true! I hope someone will uncover my story useful and also if they have actually red flags, just remember to perform your ideal, surround yourself via the appropriate civilization and continue to be way from negative people!


Dr. Barone: Amazing story! Thanks for sharing it. YOG 2000.... that"s a 17-year gap!!! Can you fill us in on what you were doing during that time?

Thanks! I understand it is a lengthy gap. I did an OB GYN residency in my country and also after that I had my own exercise for over 7 years. I concerned the US in 2011, and also the first thing I did was to learn English so I spent about 1 year doing so. For the step 1, it took me a small little bit more than 1 year to prepare myself, and also I have to say it was the hardest one of the measures for me, since I graduated from clinical institution 17 years ago. Also, I am a slow-moving reader so for the following steps I took about 6 to 8 months to all set for each one. I worked as an MA for 6 months and did 2 observerships one in FM and also the various other one in IM. I think the essential of my success is that I never before offered up my dreams, I remained emphasis on my goal and I had actually the appropriate world around me that sustained and advice me always.

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I kbrand-new since the beginning of my journey that it was going to be a hard challenge for me to be a OBGYN aacquire, and also I would need to fight exceptionally tough against the odds if I really wanted to be a medical professional aobtain. Thanks to God I had actually a good intersee and I believe that it was the right place and time for me to be tright here and also have actually this remarkable chance. I’m glad that I’m done with this roller coaster of emovements, and also now I’m acquiring ready to be a effective PGY 1 resident this year.