Factory reset hp mini 110

A friend just bought a netbook (HP mini 110) through Windows XP yet it was the one supplied for experimentation in the store (the last one on storage) so it"s somewhat filled via stuff from world trial and error the machine.

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How need to I go around restoring the device to a ?

As a very first action I"m going to develop a brand-new User account and also delete the old one (from the store).

How do we adjust the name It"s registered to?What other things should I take in account?


Here"s HP"s Recoexceptionally measures for the Mini 110-1037NR. You more than likely desire to make sure you produce recovery discs prior to initiating any type of drive reformatting procedures.

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HP"s have a surprise tough drive that has actually software application that will reclaim the computer system earlier to factory default. I recommend you follow their procedure for doing this.


Turn it off then revolve it ago on tapping F10Then A BIOS Setup Utility will certainly comeGo to the side a tiny bit then hit Boot Opitions and do a complete memory test. Then hit F10 again and also revolve it ago off then turn it earlier on and also it will work aacquire. YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA USING THIS METHOD!


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