Facebook messenger not receiving messages

For some time currently, Facebook Messenger has been a standalone application, sepaprice from the Facebook application. This has made it a much more effective messenger service, qualified of competing via its brother, WhatsApp. Itsself-reliance also makes it hungry for battery and memory, yet, and also it now comes with its own set of concerns. Here"swhat to perform as soon as Facebook Messenger is not functioning.

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If you can"t accessibility your Facebook Messenger account on your smartphone, try among the adhering to solutions:

1. Access Facebook using your browser:

Simply open up your web internet browser and go tohttps://www.facebook.com/.Log in via your username and password.You need to be able to access your messperiods within the Facebook website, old college style.

2. Some users, the Lite version of the App works fine, so

Downpack, open,and also log in through your credentials.Enjoy messaging as usual, through a streamlined appearance and also simply the important attributes.

3. Try a "wrapper" app that packeras the mobile website in application form with a new design

Facebook Messenger has actually been found to consume even more than its fair share of memory and also power. This is bereason the application obsessively checks for updates and notifications. Even when your phone is asleep or without a signal, the app proceeds its relentmuch less search for a reason to carry out something. The appadditionally takes up a lot of storage area. Before I unset up it, Messenger inhabited 100 MB of space on my phone, but some customers report even higher figures.

If Facebook Messenger is not functioning on your phone,uninstall the app. Next off, add a shortreduced to the mobile website to your home screenand also allow the website to sfinish you push notificationsif you want to continue receiving them, or install Metal or Tinfoil, a pair of apps that are little bit even more than skins for the mobile site. Any of these options will certainly conserve on internal storage area, RAM consumption, and battery life.


I can not send or get messages

If you"re trying to sfinish a sticker to your frifinish and also Facebook Messenger is not delivering your essential correspondence, carry out not despair. Although the situation may seem despeprice past all comprehension, the solution could well be straightforward.

Encertain, firstly, that the app is as much as day. Head right into the Google Play Store, hit the menu switch, and also push onMy apps & games.From right here, watch if Messenger is just one of the apps awaiting an update. If it is, ssuggest push on it and also hit theUpdateswitch.

Conversely, if Facebook Messenger keeps crashing, try the mobile website.

You have the right to additionally take a look below to view if Facebook Messenger is dvery own in your location or other users are experiencing troubles. Whether or not Facebook ismaking use of you to conduct mental tests, you could simply have to wait till the company returns.

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All (or some) of my messeras have actually disappeared

If you"ve accidentally deleted your messages, which is not conveniently done, then you"re out of luck; they"re gone. But perhaps you simply archived them, in which instance you are in luck.

Head to the mobile or desktop computer site, click on the messperiods switch thenSee all> More > Archived (for desktop computer users) or go to your messeras, push See all messeras, scroll to the bottom, and also press View Archived Messages(on the mobile site) and watch if you deserve to find the message you long for tbelow.

Facebook Messenger is not working on Android

If Messenger is pulling out its substantial malfunctioning weapons and giving you a blank display screen, or you"re obtaining a lot ofUnfortunately Facebook Messenger has stoppedmessperiods, then tbelow are a couple of things to try.

First, check your Android OS is approximately day by going toSettings > About gadget > Software upday > Update currently.Make sure you"re connected to Wi-Fi and also you have actually even more than 50 percent battery before you do this, though. If your phone needed an update, installing it could be enough to solve the trouble, otherwise, review on.

Next, try going toSetups > Applications & notifications > See all apps > Messenger > Storageand hitClear StorageandClear Cache.


Make sure the application is approximately date, as well, by opening the Google Play Store, hitting the menu button, and pushing onMy apps & games.From right here, check out if Messenger is among the apps awaiting an upday and also press on it and hit theUpdateswitch if it is.

Finally, try uninstalling the application and also reinstalling it. Go toSetups > Applications & notifications > See all apps > Messenger > and pressUninstall.Then head right into the Play Store and also downfill it aacquire.

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Let us recognize in the comments if tright here are any Facebook Messenger problems you"re struggling with, and also we"ll carry out our finest to deal with them.