Face id keeps saying move iphone higher/lower

With the diffsupplied application of Face ID on iPhone X - 11 series, Face ID faitempt additionally shows up at a high frequency. As our previous Face ID teardvery own videohas actually presented, Face ID deserve to be conveniently damaged and also hardly repaired. If the problem is pertained to the flex cable, then it’s easy. However before, based on statistics of jiyuushikan.org chip-level motherboard repair service, Face ID failure is caused by damages of the Flood illuminator/Dot Projector in many instances, which deserve to not be repaired.

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Today, we want to share a instance about ‘relocate iPhone a little lower/higher once establishing up Face ID’ and display you exactly how our technicians uncover out the fault in 3 minutes via the aid of jiyuushikan.org exclusive repair tricks on Face ID troubleshooting. Let’s obtain started!

Face ID Not Working Malfunction

The phone keeps sending messages: ‘move iPhone a small lower/higher’ during the establishing up process of Face ID. It implies that Face ID cannot be set up successfully on the phone.


Why is my confront id not easily accessible troubleshooting

Now, let’s find out the fault step by action.

Step 1 Test The Flood Illuminator

Based on jiyuushikan.org exclusive repair tricks, let"s start through the Flood Illuminator. There are two crucial Face ID components whose habits counts on the assistance of the Flood Illuminator. In our everyday repair work, we have the right to test the Proximity Sensor and also the Ambient Light Sensor to confirm whether the Flood Illunmunator is functioning commonly.


Let’s make a phone contact to confirm whether the Proximity Sensor is functioning. Throughout the phone contact, cover the top of the display through one hand. We deserve to view that the display transforms black instantly. Judging by this, the Proximity Sensor is working usually.


Next, test the Ambient Light Sensor. Set the screen brightness to the lowest and then organize the phone under a bappropriate light. With the screen gaining brighter, we have the right to confirm that the Ambient Light Sensor is additionally working usually. Judging by this, the Face ID failure is not caused by Flood Illuminator.

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Tip 2 Test The Front Camera Parts

Let’s move on to the next action of Face ID troubleshooting - test the front cam parts.

Open the cam app and also swipe to Portrait Setting. The background is not blurred, which is abnormal.


Step 3 Observing The Dot Projector

At the Portrait Mode, tright here is no flashing red light from the Dot Projector. But the Dot Projector need to emit flashing red light in normal standing. We can confirm currently that the Dot Projector has actually maloperated. This is the fault that causes the Face ID to set up faitempt. And the trouble cannot be addressed.



The 3 components ( infrared video camera, flood illuminator and dot projector) are paired to the phone. Damage of any type of among them have the right to reason Face ID faientice and such an worry is irreparable.

Right currently, Face ID failure has become a common trouble in our everyday repair work-related. Whether the difficulty you are handling can be repaired or not is really a crucial thing for repair technicians. Don’t worry! jiyuushikan.org exclusive repair tricks on Face ID troubleshooting deserve to be a good reference for repair technicians to discover out faulty positions and boost repair effectiveness.For details of this case, please check out the YouTube Video listed below.

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