I would prefer to batch the "Extract Here..." command on a complete folder. Eextremely type of archive have to be unzipped into the existing folder through the name of the archive file. I have actually found some BATCH scripts for just *.zip, however I don"t care what kind of archive it is, as long as my archiver can open it.

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Does anyone understand what kind of archiver has actually such a batching funcionality? I can not seem to uncover it in 7-zip or winrar.

In pseudo:

Given folder xforeach archiveData in x or descendant of xunzip archiveFile.expansion >> "folder of archiveFile/archiveFile"UpdateI have tried the complying with for only zip files:

dir /s /b *.zip > allzips.txtfor /F %%x in (allzips.txt) do unzip %%xWright here unzip is still an unrecognized attribute.

command-line batch 7-zip extract
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EDIT Given: Using batch script.

You may wish to use a 3rd party zip tool (very recommend 7-ZIP command also line version dubbed 7z.exe) to achieve this.

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through 7z, the syntaxes is as follows:

7z <...> <...>To extract the command also would certainly be:

7z e file.zip -ythe -y switch assume "Yes" answer to any concerns that may come up during extractivity such as overcompose repursuits.

So your command will certainly read

CD "C:LocationOfipFiles"FOR /F "USEBACKQ tokens=*" %%F IN (`DIR /b *.zip`) DO (7z e "%%F" -y)If you want to output them into a various area, you have the right to usage the -o switch and also specify the directory:

7z e "%%F" -y -oC:SomeOtherFolderEDIT:

To perdevelop the extract through full paths and specifying all ZIP archives just, use this:

7z x -tzip "C:Locationofzips*"Or also nutzier... all ZIP records on C: drive:

7z x -r -tzip "C:*"EDIT2:

Making it compatible through your output file, this:

dir /s /b *.zip > allzips.txtfor /F %%x in (allzips.txt) perform (7z x -tzip "%%x")
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