Extract audio from video premiere pro

It deserve to be so disheartening. Spfinishing hours producing content, batch shooting a bunch of videos, uploading them to Youtube…then feeling favor you simply need to start all over aacquire. That’s why I am a large proponent of stretching your content as much as you can, using it on different platforms in various means, and also integrating all of that into your content marketing strategy.

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One way of doing this is exporting your audio from your videos and also uploading it into a podcast. Let me present you how this can be simply the option you have been looking for! PLUS… I have actually two BIG announcements you won’t want to miss!

How to Extract Audio from Video

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Let’s discover out how you have the right to export audio from video and also usage it in your content marketing strategy:

BIG Announcements!

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Exporting Audio from Video and also right into a Podcast

No need to problem if your intro or outro is aimed at Youtubers, you simply edit those components out!If you are utilizing a separate recording gadget from your camera:SO SIMPLE. You ain’t gotta perform a thing! Just take the audio file and upload it as a podactors in iTunes. (Questions on how to upload right into iTunes? I have actually a video clip simply for that!)If you are using the microphone constructed into your video camera, see below:Using Premiere Pro:Edit video itself so audio is in the develop you desire it to be uploaded to your podcast (reduced out intro, outro, and so on.)Click Documents, export, media, then pick an MP3 file to export asUpload to platformUsing iMovie:Edit video so audio is in the develop you desire it to be uploaded to your podcastDocuments, share, then share to a file Under format, choose audio onlyChoose file format as MP3Click beside export

It’s so easy! Now you have assorted ways to get your content out and a lot of importantly having even more people listening to what you need to say.

Do you have a podcast? Let me know!

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