Export local security policy

In many of the instances, the user needs to export and import all neighborhood policy settings to one more computer for miscellaneous reasons. It might encompass once they desire to ago up and recollection the exact same settings configured. Besides, the user can use the import/export feature available in the Local Security Policy. It helps them to replicate the team plan usability by applying the same traditional security configuration across many kind of workgroup computers. You have the right to go ahead and also check out this short article, which reflects you the two approaches for exporting and also importing neighborhood defense plan in the latest Windows 10 / 8 / 7 operating devices. So without any better delay, let’s walk through the article. But before that, we need to have a clear concept around what does neighborhood security plan implies.

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What is the Local Security Policy?

Local Security Policy in Microsoft Windows is related to many kind of device users and protection settings on the neighborhood machine. It has password policy, audit policy, and also user pergoals. On the various other hand, via the local security plan editor or secpol.msc, you deserve to regulate various defense plans and settings that specify different actions on your Windows computer. Furthermore, it offers a great method to encertain that you have a standard protection policy configuration throughout multiple computer systems if you don’t have actually a domajor.

In general, by default, most of the policy settings in Windows are well-made. Still, tright here are a couple of crucial settings that need some adjustments to improve protection. It’s sad to say that Microsoft has decided not to add the Local Security Policy console into home versions of Windows. Do you usage the Windows Starter, Home, Home Basic, and Home Premium editions of Windows? Then you observe the absence of the Local Security Policy Editor. So if you’re making use of any type of above-proclaimed home windows versions, then you deserve to manipulate the second approach discussed below. That is the Command also line if you desire to import and also export neighborhood protection settings.

How to Import and also Export Local Security Policy In Windows 10/7?

Technique 1: Export and also Import Local Security Policy Settings by using GUI

If you desire to Export Local Security Policy, then you have to go ahead via the listed below procedure.


Firstly, Press Windows Key + R together on your key-board to open a Run dialogue box and also currently type secpol.msc right into it and hit Enter to open the Local Security Policy Editor.



Next off, you have to right-click Security Setups in the left-side pane, wbelow you need to pick the “Export Policy” choice from the context food selection.



Now, you deserve to see pop-up home windows wright here you have to browse the location to save the security settings file (.INF), and give the file name and click on the Save button.



After that, currently open up the file with a message editor wright here you will certainly check out a text file that consists of all your neighborhood defense plans, consisting of your account lockout and password plan.


You have actually completed with exporting process.

If you desire to Import Local protection policy, then below are the steps to follow.


You have to follow the over step-1 process to open the Run Window and also Local Security Policy Editor.

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Once you are in the Local Security Policy Editor display screen as done prior to, right-click on Security Settings in the left pane and also pick “Import plan “this time.



Next, you need to browse the place wright here you conserved the neighborhood security settings file and also select the INF file and then click on Open choice.



Restart your computer system to apply the changes and new regional security policy.

Technique 2: Use the Command line to Export and also Import Local Security Policy

It is one more method to export and also import a neighborhood defense policy with the assist of the command line.


First of all, to open up the command also prompt display, you have to click on Windows Logo and also then type cmd in the search box.

Now, right-click on the first option and also select Run as administrator choice, as shown in the below photo.



Next off, if you desire to export the neighborhood security plan settings to a file (for example, neighborhood defense plan.inf), then you need to enter the below command and hit enter.

secmodify.exe /export /cfg D:local-security-plan.inf


In situation if you want to import Local security plan settings from the(.INF) file, then you enter the below-stated command:

secedit.exe /configure /db %windir%security eighborhood.sdb /cfg D:local-security-plan.inf


Once you have done cshed the command prompt home window, and all the neighborhood security policy has actually imported.

This method is well suited for the customers that are making use of the Home edition of Windows, which has no Local Security Policy Editor.

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So, we hope this write-up was beneficial to you, and from currently if you want to export and also import local security policies, then you can conveniently follow the over approaches without any type of difficulties. If you any kind of queries and also suggestions concerning the short article, you share through us in the listed below comment area.