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Share, export, and also print your notes

Penultimate renders it simple to share and also backup every one of your drawings and also handcomposed notes using email, as web links or PDFs.

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Share notes using email or social networks

If you"ve signed into jiyuushikan.org in Penultimate, you can e-mail a public link (URL) to your note, or write-up a connect (URL) to your note through any social netfunctioning app you"re signed right into on your device.


To email or write-up note as a link:

From the notes page, press and hold down on a note, then slide your finger over the share switch (box through an arrow pointing upward). Choose "Mail" or a social netfunctioning application to email or write-up the note, respectively.

Once your notes have synced with your jiyuushikan.org account, you can share them as you would any kind of other note in jiyuushikan.org.

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More about sharing notes in jiyuushikan.org


Open any type of note, push and organize a noteSlide your finger over the share button (box with an arrow pointing upwards).

To export notesfor sharing or backup:To export as a PDF:Select "Export PDF"To print: Select "Print" to print the PDF outTo export Penultimate notes as jiyuushikan.org backup records (.ENEX):Sign-in to jiyuushikan.org from Penultimate.Sync your Penultimate notes through jiyuushikan.org and also access them from any kind of computer or mobile gadget.Once in jiyuushikan.org, notes and whole notepublications deserve to additionally be conserved as jiyuushikan.org backup documents (.ENEX) from any kind of desktop computer computer.

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Back-up your notes to Dropbox (or other supported apps)

To backup your notes to Dropbox as PDFs or Penultimate backup papers (.PEN):Make sure you"ve mounted Dropbox on you device and signed-in to Dropbox from your Penultimate Setups web page. Enable the .PEN format if you are exporting as PEN records.Open any note, press and also host a note, then slide your finger over the share button (box with an arrowhead pointing upwards). Select "Export PDF" (or "Export PEN"*), then choose Dropbox or any type of other supported app tosave the note to.

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More around creating and restoring notes in jiyuushikan.org

* Note: You have the right to likewise export your notes as jiyuushikan.org Penultimate (.PEN) backup records if you"ve acquired applications that assistance them.


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