Which of the complying with time durations would not be described as an interim period?A monthlyB annuallyC quarterlyD namong these answers is correct as all of these are interim periods
The time period assumption claims thatA the financial life of a organization have the right to be split right into man-made time durations.B carriers need to wait until the calendar year is completed to prepare financial statements.C service providers use the fiscal year to report financial indevelopment.D service providers document indevelopment in the time period in which the occasions happen.

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An bookkeeping time period that is one year in length is A a quarterly period.B a fiscal year.C an interim period.D a calendar year.
The revenue acknowledgment principle dictates that revenue have to be well-known in the audit recordsA at the end of the month.B in the period that earnings taxes are paid.C when services are perdeveloped.D just as soon as cash is obtained.
The price acknowledgment principle matchesA assets through owner"s equity.B assets through liabilities.C assets through costs.D expenses through earnings.
Which of the adhering to statements around the accrual-basis of audit is false?A Events that change a company"s financial statements are videotaped in the durations in which the occasions happen.B Accrual-basis is in accordance with generally embraced bookkeeping values.C Revenue is recorded just when cash is obtained, and also expense is recorded just when cash is paid.D Revenue is recognized in the duration in which services are performed.
The revenue recognition principle dictates that companies identify revenue in the accounting periodA before solutions are performed.B in which solutions are performed.C in which it is built up.D after services are percreated.
Under cash-basis accounting, companies record revenue just whenA cash is got.B it is earned.C services are perdeveloped.D the performance responsibility is satisfied.
Companies record an cost under cash-basis accounting only when A they pay out cash.B the performance duty is satisfied.C it is incurred.D solutions are performed.
On June 30, a printing shop provides $1,000 of solutions to a customer to custom print restaurant menus. The customer is sent out a bill on July 5 for the amount due. A check in the amount of $1,000 is got from the customer on July 25. The printing shop complies with GAAP and also uses the revenue acknowledgment principle. When is the $1,000 sale recognized? A July 25.B July 5.C June 30.D July 1.
An adjusting entry constantly affectsA an revenue statement account and also a balance sheet account.B an ascollection account and also a licapability account.C an ascollection account and also a revenue account.D an expense account and also a revenue account.
If a energy organization bill has actually not been got at the finish of the audit duration, yet utilities were used during the duration, thenA it is optional whether to document the price prior to the bill is obtained.B an price need to be recorded in the following audit period as soon as the bill is received.C an cost need to be tape-recorded as soon as the cash is paid out.D an adjusting entry need to be made to identify the cost in the current duration.
Prepaid expenses are A shown on the balance sheet as assets.B shown on the balance sheet as liabilities.C presented on the revenue statement as revenue.D not displayed on a financial statement.
Revenues for which solutions are performed however not yet received in cash or videotaped are calledA accrued profits.B interim profits.C unearned profits.D prephelp profits.
Expenses passist in cash and also taped as assets before they are supplied or consumed are calledA interim expenses.B accrued prices.C prepaid prices.D unearned costs.
The built up depreciation account A is a contra revenue account via a delittle balance.B is displayed as an price on the earnings statement.C is shown on the balance sheet as a liability.D is a contra asset account with a crmodify balance.
Accumulated Depreciation isA an owner"s equity account.B an cost account.C a contra asset account.D a licapacity account.
An adjustments for unearned revenueA has an ascollection and revenue account partnership.B rises an ascollection and also rises revenue.C decreases a licapability and rises revenue.D decreases revenue and also decreases an ascollection.
An adjusting enattempt that debits an cost and also credits an asset is vital for A prephelp prices.B accrued profits.C accrued prices.D unearned revenues.

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If an adjusting entry for depreciation is not madeA assets will certainly be understated.B expenses will be underdeclared.C net revenue will certainly be underdeclared.D owner"s equity will be understated.
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