Excsupplies are devices of the incompetentwhich develop monumentsof nothingness.Those that specialize in themare seldom excellent in anything…. –

-Author Unknown-

The various other day I picked my kid up from school and I was fuming. I had just received a notification saying that he was failing scientific research. I was rather frankly pissed. I’m an overachiever and also rather frankly it baffles me when my kid underachieves. He has every little thing he demands to succeed in and out of institution and occasionally I wonder if he’s doing it to spite me (I really do disfavor teenagers). This son is BRILLZ (brilliant) and also I want nopoint more than for him to reach his potential ( I could smack myself in the mouth for sounding like my mother simply now).

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He jumped in the car and immediately might tell that my mood was a lot Mr. Hyde and extremely little bit Dr. Jekyll. The nice mother did not pick him up this day and also he kbrand-new it. He conveniently sobered up and also muffled whatever before wishes he had that we’d be singing Kumbaya My Lord on the means house.

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Son: Did I do something wrong?

Me: *blank stare*

Son: Oh, did you gain my scientific research grade? Let me tell you what happened….

Me: *clinches steering wheel difficult sufficient to stop circulation from flowing into my fingers*. Shut. Up. Do NOT speak.

Son: *silent*

I’ll save you the rest of this conversation. Suffice it to say it did not end well for him. Let me tell you what really burns me though. With my boy and also via adults. EXCUSES. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. I was late because XYZ. I can’t succeed in life bereason ABC. When I was a son QRS taken place and I haven’t been able to relocate previous it other wise I’d be wbelow I want to be. Excoffers. Explanations. Reasons. Let me take my guitar back out and also strum some sad melody for you to this sad song you’re singing.

I hate to be the one to break it to you however we’ve ALL been with something. Everyamong us has actually or will certainly have a “come to Jesus” moment that can readjust us from who we were to that we are. I’m extremely sympathetic to personal struggles, trials and tribulations. I’ve had my fair share of them. The civilization yet, doesn’t care. I’m not saying get over it. Getting over it doesn’t allow you to attend to it and the difficulty just happens again. (Like taking a pop quiz over and also over aobtain. If you fail it. You just keep taking it until you pass it.) I’m saying WORK THROUGH IT. Go to a therapist. Talk to your pastor. Confide in a trusted frifinish. Read a self aid book. Journal. DO SOMETHING! BUT don’t you dare make an excuse!

I was reading a frifinish and also fellow bloggers blog this morning and he said somepoint that was so emotional that I had actually to share. “Winners win and losers have actually really good excuses. ” That possibly a little harsh for some, yet doing well in life is all around your decision to accept nopoint much less than that outcome regardless of the obstacles.

After I had a “talk” with my kid I made him attract up a contract. On the contract it outlines that if he demands aid he will certainly ask for it and also his paleas will certainly administer it. If he needs me to quiz him and also assist him research for tests it’s his duty to come to me and ask. If somepoint is going on at college that is impeding him from learning he is to tell me instantly. He will be proenergetic and also an ACTIVE participant is fixing any challenge that keeps him from excelling in institution. BUT the minute he comes residence through anything much less than a C (and also that isn’t acceptable yet we have to start somewhere) he is not allowed to give me any excprovides, reasons or explacountries. He will take his punishment favor a man/kid and also we relocate forward.

Wish me luck. I really dischoose adolescents. BUT I HATE excprovides.

Le Sigh,

Mistress and anxiety of All Things Fabulous

PS. I have rather a couple of Greek friends every one of whom had to learn a variation of the poem I posted in the start of this article. It’s anonymous so the original version and also author is unwell-known. Here are various other versions. So no one thinks I’m playing favorites..lol

Version 2.

Excuses are monuments of nothingness, They build bridges to nowright here, Those of us that us these tools of incompetence, Seldom become anything yet nothing at all.” Version 3.

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Excsupplies are monuments of nothingness. They construct bridges to nowhere. Those that use these devices of incompetence are masters of nothingness. Thus tbelow are no excsupplies. Version 4.

Excsupplies are monuments of nothingness, that construct bridges to nowbelow. Those that usage these tools of incompetence are worthy of nothingness