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Basic actions to image transparency

In short, the steps for making a picture transparent are:

Draw a form initially, fill it with a snapshot, and also then readjust the picture"s transparency.

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This process is demonstrated in the video. For even more details on this procedure and also various other techniques, click a procedure heading listed below to expand also it and also watch the details.


One-minute demonstration

Detailed steps for transparency

Make the totality photo transparent

Select Insert > Shapes. Choose a shape from the gallery that opens up.

Draw the shape in your record, making it the same proparts as the picture you"re about to include to it.

Select the shape. Click Format > Shape Outline > No Outline.

Right-click the form aget, and then click Format Shape.

In the Format Shape pane, click the Fill symbol

, and also then click Picture or texture fill.

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Click the File switch. In the Insert Picture dialog box, situate the image file that you want to insert. Select the photo and also then select the Insert switch.

Move the Transparency slider in the Style Shape pane to adjust the picture.


Or you may enter a number in package next to the slider: 0 is totally opaque, the default setting; and also 100% is fully transparent.

If you change the original size proportion of your shape by dragging it, the photo you insert right into the form might be skewed. Also, some pictures may not fit perfectly into certain forms. You can make adjustments to the appearance of your photo by resizing your form or by utilizing the Offset settings listed below the transparency slider.

Note:  If you"re utilizing PowerPoint, you deserve to make a snapshot transparent and also use it as a slide background.

Double-click the picture, and also when Picture Tools shows up, click Picture Tools Format > Color.


Click Set Transparent Color, and as soon as the pointer alters, click the shade you desire to make transparent.

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In the image listed below, the leaves are composed of a number of colors of green, so only component of the leaves are made transparent, which provides it challenging to see the transparent effect. Repeating the procedure with a different color will remove the transparency from the first shade. To undo color changes, click Reset Picture in the Adjust group.


Note:  When you print pictures through transparent locations, the transparent locations are the exact same color as the paper. On your display or a website, the transparent areas are the same shade as the background.