Excel opening in protected view hangs

Those using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel 2010 or 2013 should have actually noticed that Outlook attachments and records originating from the Internet or a perhaps unsafe location, are opened in Protected view. Protected View is a read-only mode wbelow the majority of editing attributes are disabled. While this protection feature was implemented to protect customers from any kind of sort of malware that deserve to damage their computer but it can come to be annoying also.

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There seems an issue via Office 2010 and Office 2013 in Windows 8 wright here the majority of office files (Word, Excel or PowerPoint file) downloaded as an e-mail attachment, on opening simply hangs and gain stuck at a display screen titled ‘Opening in Protected View’. We have no concept as to why this happens but luckily tright here is an easy workapproximately to resolve this worry and open your office files choose prior to.

Method 1 –

Disable Protected View for Word, Excel, PowerPoint in Office 2013 & 2010 (You need to do this especially for the pertinent office routine such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.)

Go to File > Options.Open Trust Center > Trust Center Setups > Protected View.Uncheck the first 3 alternatives from the right panel and hit Ok.

Now all your MS Office documents will open up up normally instead of Protected mode.

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Method 2 – Unblock the record (Recommended)

Those that don’t wish to disable the defended see (provides intensified security) need to usage this strategy. But here you first should manually unblock eincredibly defended record to open up it commonly such as relevant .doc/.docx, .xls/.xlsx, .ppt/.pptx records.

To Unblock a defended file, right-click the saved document and also open its properties. Under the General tab, click on the Unblock option next to Security “This file came from another computer system and also could be blocked to assist defend this computer.”


Now try opening the file and it need to open fine also through Protected View allowed.

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Robin says:
5 years earlier

This was happening to excel docs that were emaicaused me, and also I stumbled upon the unblock feature, which operated. But AFTER UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 10, it is currently happening on old spreadsheet documents currently saved on my computer…and when I right click on them trying to find the ”unblock” button, there isn’t one to click on. NOW WHAT??? I already unchecked all the trust center boxes and it’s still doing the same f**g point.

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