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Whenever you location a picture in your worksheet, it is rectangular in nature. Sometimes, the photo might actually be fairly small, yet the area lived in by the picture is rather big. For circumstances, you could have actually a logo design that is diagonal in nature, which implies that tright here is a large "background area" on the photo. This background area, for all intents and also functions, is wasted area.

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Fortunately, Excel enables you to specify a details color in your image as a transparent shade. This means you could select the background area of your image, designate it as transparent, and thereby allow the underlying cells present through. To make a transparent location in your photo, follow these steps:

Select the photo you desire to modify.Make sure the Layout tab of the ribbon is displayed.In the Adsimply team click the Recolor tool or the Color tool (depending on your version of Excel). Excel displays a collection of choices.Click Set Transparent Color. The mouse tip changes.In the picture, click on the shade you want to be transparent.

If you can"t pick the Set Transparent Color tool in step 3, then you might not be able to set a transparent color in the photo. Excel allows you to collection the transparency color for bitmapped graphics, but not for other kinds. If you later desire to revolve off the transparency color, then you should click the Reset Picture tool in the Adjust group on the Format tab of the ribbon.

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