Star Wars: 20 Things Wrong With Force Awakens We All Choose To Ignore When it comes to The Force Awakens, we regularly cut the story, filmmaking, and performances most sabsence. Otherwise, we downideal disregard the mistakes.

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Star Wars is valuable. At least, this is what the majority of fans of the long-lasting series think. It makes feeling, though. It was a creative outlet for fans of all ages. It recorded our imagination. It made the hair on the earlier of our necks climb. It also carried families together and provided them somepoint to bond over. Because of this, once it"s criticized, it deserve to be a bit of a sore topic for some. This is what added to the exceptionally divisive redirect from the fans on the recent film, The Last Jedi. Although it might not seem choose it, The Last Jedi"s polarized opinions actually stem from what J.J. Abrams and Disney did with the first movie in their new trilogy, The Force Awakens.

The Force Awakens was a 2015 film that brought back the original stars 30 years after The Return of the Jedi. Additionally, it presented us to an assortment of new heroes and also villains, some of which have actually gone dvery own as simply as great as the originals while others are strongly disfavored. Regardless, fans were so pumped around seeing a new Star Wars film that was better than George Lucas" prequel trilogy that many type of found poorly created and riddled with overwhelming CGI. Although The Force Awakens did protect against some of the traps of the prequel series, tbelow were a variety of things that fans entirely overlooked around it.

Now that it"s been a couple of years, and also The Last Jedi has taken many of the heat, it"s time to go ago and check out the 20 Things Wrong With The Force Awakens That We All Chose To Ignore.

Starkiller Base from Star Wars
There"s a difference in between remake and also homage. An instance of an homage would certainly be the swarm of Kylo Ren trying to take the lightsaber out of the snow via the Force. An instance of a remake is basically the whole of The Force Awakens.

The similarities in between the two are far-getting to. Not just are tbelow a variety of glaring character similarities in between Rey and Luke, and BB-8 and also R2, Kylo and also Vader, and also even more, but the structure of The Force Awakens and A New Hope are almost the same. Sure, it diverges in locations, which is a nice means to subvert expectations, but, for the many component, they follow the exact very same beats. This is something a lot of of us entirely ignored just because we were so excited to watch a new Star Wars film after so long.

19 Anakin"s Lightsaber Still Exists

The Lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars The Force Awakens
Since J.J. Abrams is currently directing the last film in the Skywalker Saga, opportunities are we"ll lastly learn how Maz Kanata obtained ahost of Anakin"s lightsaber after Luke shed it throughout his fight via his father. Regardmuch less of exactly how she got it, fans have to be annoyed at the reality that it survived Luke"s autumn in the time of the duel in Cloud City. If you can not respeak to, the blue lightsaber was knocked into oblivion as soon as Vader removed Luke"s hand also.

The odds that it didn"t crack as soon as it dropped hundreds of feet are pretty slim. Not to cite, the garbage disposal would certainly have dumped it out into open air after it hit the bottom. Honestly, this whole story threview appears outlandish at best.

LLuke Skywalker in the last scene of The Force Awakens
Luke Skywalker conserved the galaxy thirty-years before the occasions of The Force Awakens and also yet, he"s constantly referred to as a "legend". Do you know anyone that describes the occasions of thirty-years-earlier as "legends", or actually believes them to be? Chances are, you do not. This is bereason it takes far more than thirty-years for essential events, such as saving the ENTIRE galaxy to fade amethod and also become a debatable reality. Additionally, Luke didn"t disappear after the events of Rerevolve of the Jedi. He left approximately ten years before the events of Force Awakens. So, why are Rey and Finn surprised that he"s real?

Adding this detail into the film was a cute way to gain the younger audience excited for something that taken place long prior to they were born. However, as a story decision, it consisted of little bit to absolutely zero logic.

17 Maz Kanatta Was Poorly Animated

It"s not that Maz Kanata was poorly animated altogether, it"s that her computer animation was poorly integrated with the rest of the film. One of the best elements of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is that they carried Stars Wars earlier to its roots in regards to the usage of alien animatronic, puppets, and also costumes. However before, Maz wasn"t one of these personalities.

She was given extfinished scenes wright here she was the emphasis, therefore it became significantly evident that she didn"t hold the physical weight choose the animatronics and real-life actors surrounding her. She relocated favor a CG character, whereas the others did not. This made it even even more tough to gain into her character that wasn"t especially engaging, to start through.

It appears inconceivable that Han Solo would certainly part ways with The Millenium Falcon for a prolonged period of time. Sure, it provides feeling for Han to have shed it in some deal gone wrong, yet wouldn"t he have stolen it back? This is additionally assuming that you buy the fact that he left The Republic/Resistance to begin via and also changed back to his smuggler persona. This does take a bit of a leap of belief.

However before, if we go via this story thcheck out, we have to believe that Han would certainly have done whatever possible to track dvery own and steal back the Falcon. It"s his baby, after all. Han is likewise totally capable of doing this. Instead, he totally left it, only to obtain incredibly lucky one day when Rey flew it off of Jakku.

15 Poe Got Off Jakku

Poe Dameron is often referred to as "the finest pilot in the Resistance". However, after his escape from the desert of Jakku, it appears favor he must have actually been on Survivorman or Get Out Alive via Bear Grylls.

Not only did he endure the crash landing, and maybe the sinking sand also, however he also navigated himself to a town wright here he had the ability to either call for aid or board a ship that took him ago to the Resistance. Given the truth that the Resistance is underground, it likewise appears very risky to ask for help to contact them. Frankly, tbelow are simply as well many type of unlikely facets at play right here. It"s simply too farfetched. As such, it feels prefer the writers simply wanted him to uncover his method back, versus making a legitimate story decision.

The only minute we obtain of the Republic in The Force Awakens is once they are being wiped out by The First Order"s superweapon. Although many fans were happy not to get an overload of national politics as they acquired in the prequels, the Republic felt noticeably missing in the movie.

In reality, they"re nowhere to be watched. The Republic neither supported the First Order nor openly sustained the Resistance. It just hangs out while the two parties fought for its spirit and future. This is really odd given that the Republic included a United Nations-esque union of planets that were tbelow to uporganize democracy. One would certainly think that they would certainly have actually sent out armies to help the Resistance defeat The First Order. Furthermore, they appeared oddly unmindful of the awful things The First Order had been approximately.

13 Captain Phasma Did Nothing

Tbelow comes a allude wbelow a blockbusters desire to sell merchandise overtakes the story. This is exactly what happened with Captain Phasma. The character was shown in the majority of promotional product, and on lunchboxes, in games, and also as a toy. However before, she basically did nothing in the story. In truth, her 2 or three scenes were mostly treated as a joke.

In addition, they cast Gwendoline Christie and also hid her behind a silver mask the entire time. They didn"t even offer her even more than a handful of lines. Do to her physical style, she often gets compared to Boba Fett. However before, Fett actually had a crucial role to play in The Empire Strikes Back. His existence affected the plot, while hers did no such point. This begs the question, why was she really there?

It made sense to have Luke hide component of the map to his whereabouts inside his trusty droid, R2-D2. However before, it didn"t make feeling for the Resistance to wait until the end of The Force Awakens to accessibility it. Of course, a factor why they couldn"t access it can be because the droid shut himself off. This was because of the truth that he was depressed that his master had vanished. He remained this means for the large majority of the film"s runtime.

Well, luckily for the Resistance, R2 decided to wake up ideal as soon as the Resistance needed him to. It wasn"t for any type of certain factor. The plot simply essential him to execute so. This was such a manipulative and downappropriate lazy decision on the component of the writers and also studio.

11 The First Order Became Powerful In The First Place

If the Resistance sustained the Republic and the Republic had the power in the galaxy, just how did the two not speak The First Order? How did the splinters of the shattered Empire reform in such a method that didn"t overthrow the Republic, however yet gave them the top hand?

Frankly, there are simply so many kind of concerns neighboring this topic. Questions that came up at the beginning of The Force Awakens as soon as we read it in the opening crawl. These are totally valid inquiries to have actually, and yet none of them were answered within in the film. In truth, none were also alluded to. It was a smart decision to have most of the national politics take place off-display, however we required some indevelopment on how tbelow was unexpectedly a specific copy of The Empire roaming roughly.

Tbelow just no way that Finn was the only Stormtrooper to quit The First Order. What are the chances of that? Even if he was, it didn"t make sense for Kylo Ren to be as angry as he was when the two met face-to-confront in the snowy forest. Kylo didn"t also recognize Finn. He made eye contact via him once. It"s not like the two were buddies prior to the occasions of the film. If they were, it would have made feeling for Kylo to scream, "traitor".

Even though Kylo was emotionally prompted during the woodland scene, chasing after Rey and also the lightsaber was his priority. Instead, he made a large deal about Finn prior to ultimately engaging Rey. Was this just to offer Finn something to perform in the scene? Regardmuch less, it was pretty silly.

9 Rey Could Understand also Chewie

Although some see the "Mary Sue" title that Rey regularly gets may anger some for a range of imaginative and also political factors, tbelow is some fairness to the criticism. Although some fans have the right to defend exactly how Rey mastered the Force so conveniently, it"s harder to understand also just how she was able to execute a organize of other things. For example, Rey has no difficulty piloting the Millenium Falcon despite never before flying it, or any various other spaceship before. Additionally, she can entirely understand also Chewbacca"s dialect.

It"s not favor Rey invested most time on Kashyyyk via all the Wookies. Nor did we view her with any type of Wookie language publications. So, just exactly how might this exceptionally isolated young woman recognize just how to understand Chewie at all? It seems awfully convenient.

For some reason, The Force Awakens made certain to put Kylo Ren in a category of villains various other than the Sith. Instead of being a member of the Sith, he was a member of the Knights of Ren, which is an company that works alongside the First Order. However, incredibly little bit more around them is revealed. Unchoose the Sith that have actually an entire lore, nothing about The Knights of Ren is revealed in The Force Awakens or in The Last Jedi. The only point we gain is a rainy flashback of Kylo and also his team after the attack on Luke"s temple.

Unmuch less tbelow was a certain plot factor why The Knights of Ren needed to exist, there"s no need for them. It just hangs around to be one more facet that confsupplies the audience.

7 The First Order Didn"t Really Have A Viable Plan To Rule

We mean more from our villains nowadays. We should truly understand their psychology. We should understand what precisely they"d do if they won. The fact is, we have actually no concept what The First Order would certainly do if they won the battle. This doesn"t make them very compelling, nor does it make the stakes incredibly high. In short, we do not know why it"s so bad if our heroes lost the battle. This is a humungous story error.

Sure, we gain that The First Order is bad. Look exactly how they dress, after all. Do they simply not favor democracy? Why? What would they execute differently? Just an additional dictatorship. The truth that we do not recognize is a huge missed chance.

A lot have the right to take place in thirty years. It provides sense that things wouldn"t be specifically the same as they were at the finish of Rerevolve of the Jedi. But the reasons why Han left Leia seem muddled at ideal. In the film, it appears like Han left because he was hurt after Ben turned to the Dark Side. But wouldn"t that press him and also Leia closer? If not, wouldn"t it send him on a mission to attempt and redeem Ben? Instead, Han went off to smuggle again and also left Leia to fight to her possible demise at the hands of their boy. That"s pretty cold.

Not only is it cold, it simply doesn"t seem choose Han. Even though he deserve to be tough, he has always loved Leia. It does not make feeling that he"d abandon her favor that.

5 Rey"s Character Design Was Problematic

The first time we view Rey, we learn that she was abandoned on Jakuu by her parents. She likewise believes that they will rerotate and also take her ameans. However before, namong this impacts the plot, nor does it receive a payoff past her being sidetracked by one more adventure.

Some would certainly argue that this wasn"t required as it the first film of a trilogy. But, without it, Rey simply shows up to go with the circulation. With the exemption of one moment in Maz"s castle, her desire to rerotate residence and wait for her parental fees doesn"t influence the plot. She just tells various other characters what she desires to carry out and carries on through their very own desires for her. If you look at the design of Luke"s character in A New Hope, you will not find these troubles.

Fans waited for thirty-years for Harrichild Ford"s Han Solo and also the late-great Carrie Fisher"s Leia Organa to be rejoined on display screen. The pair had such electrical chemistry throughout the original trilogy and if they had actually the appropriate creating, they"d undoubtedly have it aacquire. Unfortunately, the few scenes they shared in The Force Awakens were entirely expository. There wasn"t any character structure, romantic stress, or stress in between the two. They simply questioned their child, wished each various other luck and that was the finish of it.

The fact that these 2 legends didn"t have actually the story they deoffered in Ford"s last Star Wars outing is terrible. Yet fans completely overlooked this bereason Ford was provided a lot to perform in other places.

3 A Chasm Conveniently Opened During The Lightsaber Duel

How does one end a climactic fight that can"t finish in the death of either the protagonist or antagonist due to their existence in sequels? There"s no easy answer to this, but many type of excellent films have actually discovered remedies. An alternative that a film probably shouldn"t discover is to develop a large chasm to sepaprice the 2.

Sure, the whole world was imploding. But for a chasm to open up up exactly between Rey and Kylo Ren feels pretty unmost likely. In fact, it feels like the writers almost literally drew a line between them. This is what we speak to a "Deus Ex Machina" as somepoint pretty unrelated stopped Rey from finishing Kylo. This is disappointing considering that this fight is one of the ideal in the series.

As much as fans dispreferred the truth that Luke abandoned his sister, friends, and the Resistance to come to be a hermit on some covert rock, not to mention renounce his Jedi condition, we think they must be more irritated by the truth that he left behind a map. If he truly didn"t want to be discovered, he wouldn"t have actually left behind a map. This map, by-the-method, was break-up right into two and seemed especially complicated to understand also. Therefore, Luke simply comes throughout as a bit of a jerk who wanted to play mind-games via his allies.

Perhaps his thinking was that he had actually it as an choice only to usage in a dire instance, but wasn"t the dire case when The First Order initially started to become a problem in the first place? Frankly, namong this provides feeling.

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1 Rey Was The Only One To Bring Luke Back

Luke Skywalker was viewed as the Messiah. The male who would certainly definitively shift the balance in the battle against The First Order. Prior to the start of The Force Awakens, General Leia Organa and also the Resistance invested years attempting to discover Skywalker, however then some Force-making use of stranger comes along and helps them discover the map that leads to him. Afterward, she"s preferred to go and bring Luke earlier herself. But why her?

Doesn"t it make feeling for Leia to go? After all, she has the closest connection to him. Sure, R2 and also Chewie may have actually assisted convince him to rerevolve, yet another Force-user seems prefer an odd option. Especially considering that he ended up being angry with The Force. Even if Rey did go, Leia would have actually been the best perchild to sfinish via her.


What carry out you think is somepoint about The Force Awakens that we purposecompletely ignored? Let us know in the comments below!