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It would certainly be great if you can print a notebook in it"s whole, into a notebook style format, with the date and also time stamps and title for each note. This might also be done on an jiyuushikan.org branded notebook. I would really favor to have the diary style notes that I"ve produced in this means...sort of surprised it does not exist yet!!



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Windows? Mac? Android? iOS?

On the Windows client, you can configure what metainformation must appear for each note (e.g. Notebook name, produced date, tags, and so on.) and also whether to print each note on a separate page. (Tools / Options / Printing).This seems to satisfy your needs.

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Well, I don"t want to print page by web page. I"m saying to select a whole notebook, through however many kind of notes are in it, and also print it into a typical journal size of 5x8 or similar. I have actually watched your answer above on various other articles before but I think that jiyuushikan.org can iteprice and expand their product line via this principle. 


Also, for all devices/devices.


You didn"t suggest your platform

On my Mac, I deserve to pick all the notes in a notebook and also print via headersThe selection is an jiyuushikan.org function; the printing is a duty of the OS

What is your experience as soon as printing?

I"m saying to choose an entire notebook, through yet many kind of notes are in it, and also print it into a typical journal dimension of 5x8 or equivalent.

And I"m saying that you must be able to do this: web page dimension is typically configurable by means of the traditional print dialog.

jiyuushikan.org might expand their product line with this and also / or many type of various other principles. It"s just a little matter of prioritization...

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Yes, jiyuushikan.org could. Which I believed was the function of the forum. Is it not? Seems choose it"s simply individuals offering various other customers advice.

Yes, jiyuushikan.org might. Which I assumed was the function of the forum. Is it not? Seems choose it"s just users offering other users advice.

Sure, attribute researches are constantly welcome. But frequently the expectation is that attribute X is straightforward, so why hasn"t jiyuushikan.org applied it already? jiyuushikan.org has many type of, many potential features it can add, so which ones to prioritize?

It"s still not clear why the present use isn"t suitable for your requirements. I might be absent somepoint, obviously, yet part of feature researches is being specific about what you want. In any kind of instance, jiyuushikan.org reads all posts, so you can hope that others will certainly vote your write-up up to display that there"s some interest in it.

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Oh, and yes, tbelow are a lot of various other users here offering advice below in the forums; there"s a reason for that: it"s put up clearly as a neighborhood forum, and also not as an main assistance forum. jiyuushikan.org staff do pop in periodically (and also they"re constantly welcome), yet even more often you"re going to acquire great advice much faster right here from various other forum users than from jiyuushikan.org staffers.