(error code: sec_error_bad_signature)

Mozilla Firefox in the the majority of significant web browser and also many customers love to use it with its brand-new attributes. It is an open resource internet web browser. Its frequent updates on the performance and the security attributes, provides it much better. There are instances, wright here you enrespond to the issues with the internet browser as well. When you attempt looking the websites on your Firefox browser, you might enrespond to the worry via SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE error.

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The error message shows up as

Secure Connection Failed

An error developed in the time of a connection to. Peer’s certificate has an invalid signature. Error code: SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE


When you attempt opening the exact same web page in a different web browser, it may open up fine. As per our research study, we have provided all the possible troubleshooting steps to settle the problem through SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE error on Firefox browser.

How to settle SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE error on Firefox?

Follow the listed below resolution actions one by one and also inspect if the concern gets fix. If the problem stays, you deserve to continue via the additionally resolution measures.

Temporarily disable Anti-Virus program:

Issue via SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE error mostly occurs as a result of the third-party programs or the defense programs set up on your computer. When it pertains to the resolution, we recommfinish you try disabling the Anti-Virus routine on your computer and also check if the web pperiods opens fine.

Tbelow are various means to disable the Anti-Virus routine. You have the right to refer the listed below connect and also follow the instructions to disable the protection routine.

How to disable Anti-Virus regime temporarily on Windows 10

Suppose, if the websites opens fine after disabling the security program, you can try reinstalling it. Refer the listed below connect to download the uninstallers to remove the Anti-Virus routine from your computer system.

List of Anti-Virus removal tools

Reboot your computer system now and also examine if the websites opening fine without any type of errors. If the problem continues to be, you can proceed via the further resolution procedures.

Launch Firefox in Safe Mode:

Extensions or the Add-ons installed in the internet browser likewise reasons different worries if they are corrupted or damaged. Sometimes, without your understanding, some extensions will certainly install on your computer and it might cause these kinds of problems.

In this case, try launching Firefox in the safe mode. If the web peras tons fine in safe mode, then it need to be the problem through the extensions. You deserve to inspect each expansion and rerelocate them manually.

To launch the Firefox in safe mode, refer the listed below steps:

Launch Firefox internet browser.Click on the Menu option at the peak right corner and choose the option Help.


3. Now click the option Restart with Add-ons Disabled…


4. You can now view the listed below prompt. Click on Restart.

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5. Now, Firefox prompts the Safe Mode window. Click on Start in Safe Mode.


Check if the web pages lots fine currently. If it starts working fine, then refer the below procedures to regulate extensions.

6. Click on the Menu option on the top best corner and select the choice Add-ons. You deserve to also open this home window utilizing the shortreduced vital Ctrl+Shift+A.


7. Here you can see the extensions set up. You can click on the choices symbol and choose to Disable or Remove.


Now, close and also re-open Firefox and the websites must launch fine in the normal mode too. If the concern via SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE error continues to be, you can attempt transforming the Network Settings. You can refer the listed below measures to perdevelop the very same.

Change Netoccupational Settings to solve SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE error:

If the above troubleshooting procedures did not assist, you have the right to attempt altering the Proxy settings in the Firefox web browser. You have the right to refer the below procedures to adjust the proxy settings on your browser. To perdevelop the same follow the listed below resolution steps.

Launch Firefox internet browser. Click on the Menu option at the optimal right corner and click Options.


2. In the General section, scroll dvery own to Network-related Settings and also click Settings.


3. Select the option No Proxy under Connumber Proxy Access to the Internet and also click on OK.


Now, cshed the Firefox internet browser and also re-open up it. Check if the web pages opens fine without any errors. It should work-related fine this time.

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The above resolution steps helps you to settle the worry with SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE error while looking internet pperiods on the Firefox web browser. If you require any kind of even more assistance, carry out comments below. We are happy to assist you much better.

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