Error code 963 in google play store

Do you desire to deal with Google Play Store Error Code 963? While downloading and install games and apps we Google Play save. Due to the fact that it’s simple to downpack or install games and also apps from Google Play save. Several mobile users have actually complained around error code 963 generated in the Google Play keep. Whenever before Google Play keep error 963 occurs a user can’t download any type of game or app from the play save. If you are able to fix “App could not be set up bereason of error (963)” error then you deserve to quickly downpack any type of brand-new games and applications.

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Google Play keep error 963 is incredibly common in HTC mobile phone customers. If you are encountering “App might not be downloaded because of error. (963)” error on your mobile gadget and also desire to deal with it quickly. Then you are in the right place. Today in this article, we are explaining exactly how to deal with Google play save download error 963 in Android quickly. You will likewise watch various means that can aid you in solving Google Play store downpack error.

Fix Google Play Store Error Code 963

Before explaining just how to settle Google Play save error 963 in, you need to recognize the reason of this error. The prevalent causes that you are gaining error code 963 Google Play store are:


There might be a trouble with the Google Play Store application cache.The difficulty can be due to the SD card on your mobile phone.After updating the new version of the Play save then likewise you deserve to experience Google Play save downpack error 963 in mobile while installing or updating apps from Google Play Store.Fix 1: Clear Cache

In this method, we are going to clear the Google Play Store app cache. You have the right to also follow the instructions list listed below that helps you in clearing the app cache.

Step 1:

At initially, head over to Settings on your mobile and also then choose Apps and click on All choice which will list all the applications mounted on your smartphone.

Step 2:

Then select Google Play Store from this list and then hit Clear Cache and Clear Data button.

Tip 3:

Also, select the app which displaying Google Play keep downpack error 963 and wipe its information and cache.

Once the data and cache are cleared, sindicate attempt to downloading and installing the app aget. You shouldn’t face any type of issue through your mobile.

Fix 2: Rerelocate SD Card

If you are still encountering the error “App can not be downloaded as a result of error. (963)” on your mobile tool after complying with the approach above. Then follow this method wbelow you have to Unmount SD card.

Step 1:

If you desire to unmount the SD card on your mobile. Then head over to Settings and also then choose Storage choice. Now choose the Unmount SD card choice from here and then confirm by tapping the OK switch.

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Step 2:

Now, attempt to install or update the application which you were trying to perform previously.

Tip 3:

If you desire to install or update the app effectively you deserve to then remount the SD card on your mobile by moving Settings → Storage → Mount SD card.

If the application that is offering your concerns is installed in the SD card then you deserve to relocate it to the inner storage of your mobile. How To? Just head over to Settings → Apps → All → Choose the application and choose to Move to internal storage.

Fix 3: Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

If you desire to uninstall the updays which Google Play store obtained, you have the right to just head over to Setups → Apps → Google Play Store → Uninstall Updates.

After properly uninstalled the Google Play save updays, simply try to install or download or updating the application which was bring about the error.


For an HTC phone, attempt this:

Head over to “Settings” > “Apps” > “HTC Lock Screen” > “Uninstall updates” > “Uninstall“.

While having actually an Amazon Kindle Fire device, attempt these fix:

Tip 1:

Head over to “Settings” > “Apps & Games” > “Manage All Applications“.

Step 2:

Move over to the best to screen “All” apps.

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Step 3:

Choose the application you want to erase, then choose “Uninstall“.


Here’s all about “Fix Google Play Store Error Code 963”. If you are encountering any type of issue then let us recognize. If you think that it is useful then do let us understand your suggestions in the comment area below. Do you recognize any type of various other alternate technique that we can’t cover in this guide?