Error 5 itunes

Yesterday my phone unexpectedly powered off once using it. I tried to power it on aacquire, but the Apple logo remained in a loop. So I tried to reclaim it with iTunes in DFU mode.

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When restoring I acquire everytime error 14.

What I currently did:

Using a new USB cable

Replaced the battery

Dislinked the LCD

Rerelocated the .ipsw files

Could someone help me to settle this problem?


I think there are some errors in your iOS device records. So read this guide to deal with the difficulty.

How to Fix iTunes Error 14

adjust your pc attempt on one more pc or try on lapoptimal, I additionally got the very same error I just tried on lapheight and also the trouble was fixed :)

1. Turn off Security Software

2. Hard Recollection your iPhone

3. Reboot your PC

4. Check your USB Cable

5. Upday the latest variation of iTunes







According to the iPhone wiki:

Error 14:

Custom firmware update fail (PwnageDevice until 4.0.1). You have to reclaim the tool through a custom firmware. Upday to a practice firmware isn"t working. Device isn"t bootable. 2

USB Problem. Check the USB link and also try other direct ports or probably the USB cable is an older one. Device isn"t bootable.

You"re trying to "update" to a beta firmware rather of perdeveloping a reclaim. Device is still bootable if you kick it out of recoincredibly mode.

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Rebooting your Mac or PC may settle this concern.

Root file-mechanism partition dimension was set as well tiny in the ramdisk"s choices plist.

Error 21:

Custom firmware restore fail (PwnageDevice since 4.1). You have to put your tool right into the DFU mode and not into recoextremely mode. Device will not boot correctly an stuck at the Apple logo design after the error. Press and organize power and residence switch till it reboots.

Error as soon as using Sauriks server for a restore via iOS 5.x in the recoincredibly mode at least on a A5 gadget.

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This error deserve to additionally take place once you attempt to reclaim an iPod via hardware dfu. Use iREB r5 to solve this.