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Since Apple released iPhone and also iPad, these tools have become more famous among customers. However, such good tools call for many job-related when it involves keeping them. This is because iPhone and also iPad require most attention to make certain it stays functioning for a long time and runs smoothly. iTunes Error 1671 typically happens while your are updating or restoring iOS gadgets via iTunes. Several of the reasons of this error may be the iOS of your device is outdated or you’re having actually an outdated variation of iTunes. Other factors incorporate that you are using outdated variation of an anti-virus tool or the anti-virus has been infected by virsupplies. Good news is, iTunes error 1671 have the right to be fixed. In this article, we will certainly explain what this iTunes error code means and just how it can be solved.

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Part 1: Typical Reasons for Error Code 1671 on iTunes

Apple claims that third-party protection software application can interrupt the connection in between the Apple Server or the Apple device and also iTunes. Often an error via the number 1671 is displayed on your computer system screen when you desire to sync, backup, upday, or regain your gadget through iTunes, connecting to the Apple servers.

This error have the right to sometimes take place during a software program update through iTunes. Updates and restores can fix this bug, however it have the right to still happen sometimes. The error deserve to cause software program difficulties and also periodically hardware problems if the mounted software is not compatible via the tool or if the tool has an old operating mechanism installed.

Another factor may be a as well sluggish USB port that interferes through the link. However, this bug deserve to be solved easily by updating iTunes to the latest version to make sure that iTunes is compatible through the iOS version. You have to also attach your iPhone/iPad to a high-speed USB port, preferably USB 3.0 or greater. The fastest method, but, is a force reset that deserve to easily and also conveniently deal with many kind of problems while not damaging your iOS gadget. Just host the house button and also the power switch together on your iPhone/iPad till the Apple Logo shows up.

If the recollection doesn’t job-related, you deserve to additionally try to reclaim your system, which will not take more than an hour, but make certain you back up prior to so you can retrieve all your data ago later on.

Part 2: How to Fix iTunes Error 1671 in iPhone or iPad

Beesides the force begin and also tool restoring pointed out over, here we also offer you a number of solutions to fix the iTunes error 1671 while you connecting your iPhone or iPad.

Attention: Before taking better relocate, you must ago up your iPhone or iPad by using iTunes or iCloud to prevent data loss, or you can usage iPhone File Recoincredibly to extract important information from your iOS device. This tool also help you esaily gain back your information choose messperiods, contacts, photos, and so forth, even if you shed information from iPhone without backup.

Fix 1: Updating iTunes Software

If your iTunes software application is not approximately day, then this might be the factor why you get the iTunes error code 1671. So it is much better to update your iTunes by below procedures.

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You must initially update your anti-virus software and percreate a full system shave the right to to make sure you execute not have a virus.Open iTunes, and also click “Help” on the menu bar, then click on “Check for Updates”Then follow the ondisplay instrucion to upday your iTunes software application.update-itunes-to-fix-error-1671.pngIf you receive error while checking for upday, then uninstall the iTunes and downpack the latest one from Apple website.

Fix 2: Moving “Hosts” File on Windows PC or Mac

To deal with the 1671 error, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

First of all, you should disable the antivirus software on your COMPUTER, if you have actually one to stop any type of interferance from it.Now search for the “Host” file on your Windows COMPUTER or Mac.For Windows, The “hosts” file would certainly be located at My Computer > (C:) > Windows > System 32 > chauffeurs > and so on. Then drag the file to your desktop computer.If you are using a Mac, click Go, and also then go to Folders. Enter private/etc/ hosts in the field. Then press Go, and it will certainly pop up a window via the “Hosts” file. Also drag it to your desktop computer.Now open up iTunes and proceed through the restoring.After restoring,put the “hosts” file ago to the original folder it continued to be.


This method probably is a small complex since it involves some approaches, so if you attempt on this solution, please follow the approach action by step to prevent any kind of unimportant readjust of damaging the software application or device.

Fix 3: Go into DFU Mode to Fix iPhone Error 1671

Anvarious other technique that have the right to solve practically any type of problem occuring on iOS tool is the DFU mode. Here DFU mode basically is for addressing iTunes error while you have a jaildamaged iPhone. But prior to you try on this, you first should attempt to pressure begin your iOS gadget first; if that’s not aid, then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone or iPad to iTunes.Step 3. After iTunes will certainly detect your tool in recovery mode, then click OK to restoring device.Tip 4. iTunes will then immediately guide you through the restoring procedure. As an outcome, the iTunes error code 1671 would stop showing up and let things work commonly.

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These are the few techniques that can fix the iPad or iPhone error 1671. If your gadget likewise has actually this error, you have the right to conveniently fix it utilizing these straightforward procedures. So whenever you are stuck to error 1671 upon upgrading or restoring, you have the right to ssuggest describe this overview and also your phone will return to its normal state. If you have any other question or suggestion, welpertained to contact us by leaving a message listed below.