There’s an simpler way to discuss the end of End of Evangelion and also Neon Genesis Evangelion. Then there’s the hard method.

The tough way is dealing with the nuance of what taken place. Specifically, the partnership in between Angels and also Humans. Adam vs Lilith. What SEELE is? What NERV is. When did the First Impact happen? Etc. and so on. and so on. There’s so a lot backstory to the people of Evangelion that you could write an entire book.

The simpler means is to look at the major thematic function of Evangelion. After all, it’s the entire factor for the story to exist. When you emphasis on the “why,” it demystifies the “what.”

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Evangelion‘s major theme: loneliness

To that finish I have actually a solitary word for you: loneliness. Loneliness drives Neon Genesis Evangelion. Eincredibly character is responding to their very own connection with loneliness. The mysterious Person Instrumentality Project is about banishing loneliness. And the last scenes in both episode 26 and End of Evangelion are in the conmessage of, you guessed it, loneliness.


Notice the visual similarities in between the hospital, dining room, and beach. Shinji’s over Asuka in both the hospital and beach. Asuka looks down on Shinji in the dining room and beach. In the dining room she calls him pathetic (not displayed in the GIF), on the beach she calls him disgusting. The yuck on Shinji’s hand is similar to the tears he drops on Asuka’s cheek.

When a filmmaker has these visual resonances, it’s a clue to the viewer to make relations in between these specific scenes. To compare and contrast them in order to find definition. Like the juxtaposition of Rei mounted on Shinji in Instrumentality vs Shinji placed on Asuka in truth.

In the hospital, Asuka wasn’t able to respond, but on the beach she deserve to. That lack of response early was component of what sent Shinji on such a downward spiral. And the actual response at the end reasons an intense (albeit complicated) minute of catharsis.

Asuka calls Shinji “Disgusting”

We still have to talk around Asuka. First, why is she back in fact with Shinji?

The answer to that is something Shinji’s told in Instrumentality: “If they deserve to visualize themselves in their own minds, anyone have the right to go back to human create.” Shinji prevented Instrumentality from being the mandatory and unfinishing suffer it was going to be. Instead, currently civilization have a choice. They can proceed on in the LCL ocean, or they have the right to return to human form.

Asuka was constantly the many arrogant character in the present. And during End of Evangelion she has a major breakwith that causes her to truly feel empowered and as confident as she had always pretfinished to be. Her faked strength becomes actual strength. Then she’s killed.

It provides feeling that Asuka would certainly go back to humale form, as her feeling of self was so intense. Even if it was regularly compelled and also masking deep tension, Asuka still had a fighting heart that was bound to refuse Instrumentality.

So why caress Shinji’s cheek in the time of an attempted murder? Having earlier found clocertain via her mother’s abandonment, Asuka have the right to finally be emotionally hocolony with Shinji. Expushing, first, the tenderness she’s emerged for him. Followed by her loapoint.

That moment on the shore is the first time Shinji and also Asuka have actually been together since the opening scene of the movie. They hadn’t even had a possibility to stop. Shinji was busy via his existential crisis, while Asuka was off fighting the Mass Production EVAs. So once they’re on the shore, re-shown up from the LCL, Asuka finally can say somepoint to Shinji.

Except he’s choking her. So the hand also on the cheek is her non-verbal answer to Shinji’s previously prents of “Please assist me.” She’s there. She’s willing to help.

So why does she contact him “Disgusting” if she’s showing affection? That’s a small even more complex. On the one hand also, Shinji wanted Asuka’s distaste of him. Back in the hospital, he asked her to make fun of him. So calling him “Disgusting” while Shinji weeps is exceptionally on-brand also for the couple. On the various other hand—there’s even more to it than that.

Originally, the line from Asuka was supposed to be, “I’d hate to be eliminated by a bastard favor you.” Which is pretty obviously a payoff on Shinji saying, “Make fun of me like you constantly perform.” But it’s additionally incredibly one-dimensional and arguably also simplistic for a story favor Evangelion. The falseness of the line actually influenced the making of the episode.

Asuka voice actor Yuko Miyamura revealed that Anno wasn’t happy with her reading of the line. He had actually her re-record it time after time after time. But none of the takes sounded appropriate. Anno also had Shinji’s voice actor choke Miyamura before a take to attempt and also get the appropriate performance. Even that didn’t occupational.

This is what Miyamura told Anime Yawa in an intersee in 2005:

“At last Anno asked me ‘Miyamura, just imagine you are resting in your bed and a stranger sneaks into your room. He deserve to rape you anytime as you are asleep however he doesn’t. Instead, he masturbates looking at you, once you wake up and also recognize what he did to you. What execute you think you would say?’ I had actually been thinking he was a stvariety guy, yet at that minute I felt disgusting. So I told him that I thought ‘Disgusting.’ And then he sighed and said, ‘I thought as a lot.’”

Yuko Miyamura to Anime Yawa

In Anno’s mind, he had actually assumed Asuka and Shinji might go back to just how points were. He envisioned this minute of timeless banter between them despite whatever that’s taken place. But once he shares that vision/dream through reality—truth doesn’t agree. Miyamura’s hocolony answer of “Disgusting” is the more realistic response. Not what Anno had imagined. And so Anno adjusted the last line.

That’s kind of amazing. Given that layout of desires vs. truth and Anno’s struggling through hiding in his artistic work-related to avoid fact and also Evangelion exploring that very battle. It blows my mind that, inevitably, the last line originates from a genuine enrespond to he had rather than something he dreamed up. It’s a perfect instance of create merging with attribute.

And this gets at a truth both Shinji and Anno need to accept: you can try to hide from fact within a dream, however as soon as you inevitably return to reality you still need to face the aftermath of your actions. Judgment is still tbelow. You can’t protect against the fact. The reality is Shinji’s disgusting. And so is Anno. And so is everyone else, in their own method.

Despite that, you have to relocate on. You have to accept yourself. And accept others may not hate you as a lot as you hate yourself, even if they are disgusted by you. Reality is harsh.

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But it deserve to still be loving.