It is famous to us that often usage Office programs, once an Office record is protected through password, we have to open it through the encrypted password, such as PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) documents. However, you may still desire to ask this question: "How to open the password safeguarded PPT/PPTX file without password?" If desire to obtain the answer, go on and follow this article.

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On this article, just takes PowerPoint 2016 as instance, the procedures on PowerPoint 2013/2010/2007 are equivalent.

Guide Steps Option 1: How to open up password protected PPT/PPTX file without password? Option 2: How to open up password safeguarded PPT/PPTX file if forgained password?

Option 1: How to open up password safeguarded PPT/PPTX file without password?

If desire to open up password protected PPT/PPTX file without password, we deserve to remove password from it first.

Remove password from PowerPoint commonly as soon as still remember password

Step 1: Open PowerPoint Presentation through password.

Tip 2: Click on File > Info > Protect Presentation, select "Encrypt via password".


Tip 3: Erase password from the message box, and click on OK. Save this PPT file, and also then the next time you can open the PowerPoint file without password.


However before, if forgained PowerPoint password and also locked out of it, how to remove password from it? How to open the PowerPoint Presentation without password? Go on to the following option.

Option 2: How to open password safeguarded PPT/PPTX file if foracquired password?

Open password protected PPTX file with DocRecrypt tool

The DocRecrypt tool is designed for IT Professionals that meet these requirements:

Have the brand-new Office DocRecrypt tool. The PowerPoint file has an installed public essential. Have the permission and also access to the public and also exclusive keys that are associated with the certificate.

To unlock password defended PPTX file via DocRecrypt tool:

Step 1: Set up the client and also IT admin computer systems. For even more information, visit the Microsoft main site.

Step 2: Downpack the DocRecrypt tool, and install on computer.

Tip 3: Run Office DocRecrypt tool and also remove password from PowerPoint via this command line:

DecRecrypt -i filename

(filename is your locked PowerPoint file name that have to be unlocked.)


Open PowerPoint Presentation via Password Recoexceptionally tool

If you are not an IT Professional, and also do not fulfill the requirements to use DocRecrypt tool to unlock your PowerPoint file, you might must acquire assist through a third-party tool.

Step 1: Get third-party PowerPoint Password Recovery Tool, install and run it on your computer.

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Most of the third-party Password Recoincredibly Device via user friendly interconfront, is incredibly simple to use, so, you simply have to follow the on-display instructions to install and usage it to recover PowerPoint password. Like the jiyuushikan.org PowerPoint Password Tuner, you can get the complimentary trial variation to have a shot. But the complimentary trial variation just helps to recover password within three characters.


Tip 2: Import the PPT/PPTX file right into the password recoextremely program.

Click on the "Open" switch, and also pick the PowerPoint file import right into regimen.


Tip 3: Configure the password recoincredibly settings.

Select a recoextremely type listed below Recoexceptionally Type. And then readjust the equivalent settings.

If you forgained every one of the characters for your password, you have the right to save the default one: Regular, and then set the password Range and also Length, Start from, and End at text box.

If you still remember some component of your password, you deserve to choose the Normal form to set the password Range and Length, and then select the Mask kind to set the Mask text box.

For instance, if your password is Coco1357, yet you forobtained the last four characters, you can choose the Common kind to select the password Range and also set the Length for 1 and also 8. And then pick the Mask form to set the Mask text box for "Coco????", that use the "?" symbol to replace the ununderstand characters.


If you are sure have taken note of the password on a text record, you have the right to produce a password dictionary to recoup your PowerPoint password quickly.

Tip 4: To begin the password recoexceptionally procedure, click "Start"


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Step 5: When the password is reextended, it will certainly be verified on the pop-up box, click Copy, and click Open, and also then paste the password to open up your PowerPoint presentation.