Emilia Clarke and Jachild Momoa may have played out a heated, sometimes twisted, effective love affair on Video Game of Thrones, but in real life, they’re excellent friends — prefer, really great friends. Their love for each other is so palpable that you have the right to feel it in the pictures that are taken of the 2 of them.

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Read on for a look at some of their cutest, funniest photos that perfectly capture their one-of-a-kind partnership.

1. Clarke’s the moon of Momoa’s life


Jaboy Momoa and Emilia Clarke on the Iron Throne | Jakid Momoa through Instagram

Momoa recently posted a slidepresent of photos featuring himself and also Clarke posing in front of the infamous throne, being silly as ever. You deserve to feel the love and friendship in each photo however what’s truly so darling around this write-up is Momoa’s caption: “Moon of my life 
emilia_clarke eextremely time I leave you my confront damages from smiling to a lot. I F***ing love you forever. Aloha j,” he wrote.

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2. Paris fashion week


Emilia Clarke | Jason Momoa through Instagram

When the two attended Paris fashion week earlier in 2015, Momoa posted a collection of photos of Clarke goofing off and also posing for the cam. “To f***ing cute,” he captioned one.

“My khalessi 
emilia_clarke When she smiles at you…….,” he created about another.

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3. They don’t obtain to spfinish as much time together as they’d like


Jachild Momoa and Emilia Clarke | Jason Momoa by means of Instagram

In this photo, the two are smiling at the camera, just around bursting from the seams with love. Clarke has a smile on her face choose she’s never been happier.

Once aget, Momoa composed an extremely sweet subtitle for the image: “Crazy mad insane LOVE for this queen it’s truly prefer bubbles of giggles are in our bellies as soon as we are together. It’s a shame we don’t obtain to check out each various other as a lot as we would certainly like yet once we carry out i feel like a f—— KHAL love u 
emilia_clarke constantly forever before Yer Jalan Atthirari Anni.”

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4. Gins all around


Jaboy Momoa and Emilia Clarke | Emilia Clarke via Instagram

It looks like, as soon as these 2 obtain together, they make their very own party. In this photo Clarke posted, the two can be watched laughing the night amethod, and also simply appear to be so happy to be near each various other.

“When life is so excellent that your sunlight and also stars is in your city…you lose your eyes and get 5 grins (and gins) wbelow until now they’d only been one… (*grins- there’s constantly even more gins),” sassist Clarke. “YOU ALWAYS MOTHER OF DRAGONS MAIN MAN.”

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5. Sharing the love with Gal Gadot


Gal Gadot, Emilia Clarke, and also Jachild Momoa | Jaboy Momoa using Instagram

Clarke and also Momoa have actually enough love for each various other to go about. Momoa posted a sweet photo of himself, Clarke, and also Gadot on Instagram along with a caption that told us that even he still geeks out in the existence of effective, talented women.

“And then this occurred I’m so honored to recognize these 2 impressive women majesties goddesses 
emilia_clarke Wonder Womale aka amazing mom warrior aka saves my a– all the moment in JL And Khalessi aka mother of F***ing dragons aka my boo aka moon of my life Even i need to fanboy out sometimes,” he wrote.

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6. Having a blast at Paris fashion week, Clarke’s perspective

One thing is clear: These two can’t help however have fun when they get together. Clarke posted a photo of herself and also Momoa sharing a chair and also, as per usual, laughing.

“Well I guess the sunlight rises in the west and also sets in the eastern then huh? Paris fashion week just kicked off….! #Momoaloveforlifebaby #nomorebeerleftinparis #bestdresseddothraki,” she captioned the photo.

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7. When Momoa gave Clarke a performance shoutout

Back in June 2016, Momoa posted a photo of Clarke as The Mvarious other of Dragons, asking “Will you provide me the Salso Kingdoms?” To accompany the photo, he wrote around what an honor it wregarding play the “best duty ever played.” But he couldn’t help but give his moon and stars a appropriate shoutout while he was at it.

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” I love watching the moon of my life F*** shit up. 
emilia_clarke Couldn’t have actually done it much better baby so proud. ALOHA j,” he composed.