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I put a password on my bios page and can"t remeber what it was. (was kinda drunk at the time) I have W3506 2.5Gig celron radeon200expres motherboard. Does anyone know just how I deserve to reset the password so I have the right to recollection to manufacturing facility default? EMACHINES wants $100 to answer this question, WTF?, Oh foracquired OS is XP sp3.

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OS doesn"t issue, considering that BIOS is actually running underneath it. I can not aid you past that, though.
gman11364You will should track dvery own the manual for your motherboard or go to the OEM website and also download it. Read through the manual and you will discover a area on just how to clear you CMOS on your motherboard. Clearing your CMOS will revert your BIOS ago to manufacturing facility default settings (I.e through no password). On most motherboards it is done through a jumper, or on more recent motherboard a push button. This is wright here the manual will help you to locate the jumper on the board. Cheers

First we must recognize if it"s a desktop computer PC or a Lapoptimal.If it"s a desktop, please execute this steps :(make certain that your computer system is entirely turned off, and unplugged from the electric outlet)1) Open up your tower situation.2) Rerelocate the CMOS battery and also wait for a minute.3) Then, put it earlier and also put the tower case"s back.4) Last, rotate on the COMPUTER and attempt to look if the difficulty is currently readdressed.Good luck!
Password reset
I can"t discover the hand-operated, even on line. Rerelocated the cmoss battery for 18 hours and still didn"t clear password. LOST

The most basic (and a lot of recommended) means is to discover the recollection jumper. Sometimes it"s best by the CMOS battery, however it"s frequently grouped through other jumpers to make it simpler to uncover. Look closely for a 3 pin set that has actually a jumper on 2 of the pins now (this deserve to occasionally be a DIP switch likewise, yet those are even more rare). It is commonly labeled on the board, but the label deserve to vary: CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, CLR, PASSWORD, PWD, and so on It need to have actually a label that indicates somepoint about clearing, passwords, or CMOS. If you find the jumper, be certain the power is off, and switch the jumper to the various other possible area on the 3 pins. Keep in mind that some power supply & motherboard combos store power to the board, so you might want to physically unplug the power, just to be sure it"s off completely. Once the jumper is in the brand-new position, power up, and the password should be cleared. If you understand it cleared, shut back dvery own, power off, and switch the jumper back to original place.If you can"t uncover the recollection, try the battery aget. However, be certain you are entirely disconnecting power (not simply shutting it off) as soon as you pull the battery. Wait at least 5 minutes, then put the battery back in and power up.If neither of those work, I"m not sure what to tell you. It"s obviously not in EMachines" understanding base, and the reality that tright here are no manuals obtainable for downpack, and you need to pay for any support no issue what (via no option to simply ask a question in a assistance forum or somepoint prefer that) is a tiny annoying. Kinda makes their "CustomerCare" moniker an oxymoron, I think.Good luck!

One note, gmale... I did a tiny digging and uncovered that the motherboard in your mechanism should be an Intel D101GGC. The ideal I can find as far as information in my quick inspect was this link:http://www.e4allupgraders.info/dir1/motherboards/socket775/D101GGC_jumpers.shtmlApparently, that e4allupgraders.info webwebsite was produced bereason of the notoriously lacking EMachines documentation and lousy support. You might be able to dig with there (or ask your recollection question) and also actually acquire a precise response around your specific device.

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Thank you
Hey cool it worked however I assumed it would certainly also resolve my smbus and also vidio controllers. Thats why I wanted earlier into the bios. Bit it still says no driver for bus controller and also no driver for vidio controller. I provided to play a couple of games that don"t job-related anyeven more, gain an error message (direct 3d wouldnot work). Wonder why not? And all the sites consisting of Emachine.com to downfill theses chauffeurs are from various other companys and also the all desire money for it. Sure they will certainly shave the right to for totally free, however you need to buy it befor it will certainly deal with it. DOH!!! So guess I am still screwed LOL.

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Wow, eMachines is also worse than I assumed... Charging for their drivers? That"s simply pathetic!I did a quick examine of that e4allupgraders.information site, and also discovered this page:http://www.e4allupgraders.info/dir1/motherboards/socket775/D102GGC2.shtmlThat has actually every one of the details on your motherboard, including feasible upqualities and links to downpack the latest vehicle drivers for complimentary, even has actually a manual for downfill. I"d begin tbelow, then check out if it gets rid of up any of your problems.If you are simply utilizing the incorporated video (ATI Radeon X300), then you might want to look at AMD"s website, watch if tbelow are any kind of later on video chauffeurs for that X300 - the ones accessible for downfill on e4allupgraders are dated 2009, tbelow might be more current ones that work-related better.You may also desire to try reinstalling DirectX, the Direct3D error you are getting can show something corrupt in those modules, if you still have actually the difficulty also after installing excellent video motorists.