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A fresh batch of Overtime Challenges are live in Fortnite. Three new challenges have actually been made accessible. These are all cost-free to eextremely player, though solving them will help unlock Battle Pass skin layouts that you"ll must have actually the Seachild 9 Battle Pass to obtain.

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Here"s the full list of challenges—new ones are in bold:

Battle Pass Challenges

Complete 3 Overtime Challenges (Bunker Jonesy Aged style) Complete 6 Overtime Challenges (Stratus Red style) Complete 9 Overtime Challenges (Demi Night style)

Free Challenges

Eliminate others via the assistance off a Friend in your party (0/25) Damage adversaries via Shotguns (0/2500) Visit Loot Lake, Polar Peak and also Pressure Plant Revive a Frifinish in different matches (0/3) Damage adversaries with Assault Rifles (0/2500)

All of these difficulties are pretty straightforward except the Monster Skeleton. You have the right to find where that is best right here. Just dance on it to get the totally free loading screen reward.

Both the damage difficulties are much easier through Party Assist because that"s the majority of damage. Team Rumble is also your finest bet for any type of damage or elimicountry difficulty.

The Named Locations don"t have to be went to in the very same match, so this is pretty simple.


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Reviving Friends won"t job-related in Team Rumble so you"ll need to hop into a Duos or Squads match (or any kind of complement that doesn"t have respawning) in order to complete that.

Best of luck out tbelow, young padawans! Enjoy these last few days of Season 9!

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