What The Company Claims around ELF Studio Eye Primer and also Liner Sealer:• The Prime side sets your eye shadow in so your colour won’t fade, bleed or crease.• The Liner side transcreates your favourite eye shadow into a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid liner through this unique clear liquid and integrated felt tip precision eyeliner brush.• Now, you deserve to have actually your eye makeup lasting longer for no fuss, no budge colour.

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Price: 3 Dollars (around INR 150).

Directions For Use:• Use the “prime” side to develop a base for your eye shadow.• Apply to the eyelid and blfinish in.• Use the “seal” side and also mix your favourite eye shadow colour in via the brush and also apply to the lash line as a liner.• For best outcomes wipe off and clean applicator before cshedding.• Remove through eye makeup remover.





The Eye Primer Side




I dip the brush had in the liner sealer and also lightly swirl it over the dark black eye shadow (Noir) I have actually in my Sleek Oh so unique palette.


Here’ s the swatch of the liner I acquire from this.


My Take on ELF Studio Eye Primer and also Liner Sealer:

ELF primer and liner sealer comes in a decent, handy, compact, easy to use and also bring packaging. Even though, it’s a basic, no frills packaging, however it is incredibly functional. On one end, you have actually the eye primer and also liner sealer on the various other. The packaging reminds me of my dual-finished mascaras from Revlon and also Maybelline (which have lash primer on one side and also mascara on the other).

The Liner sealer has actually a felt-tip prefer brush through which you have the right to create an eye liner of your desirable colour by just dipping the brush first in the sealer liquid and then tapping/swirling it on the powder eye shadow. You can quickly line your eyes with it, simply like a normal eye liner. However before, it have the right to acquire a tiny tricky as I notification that once you create the liner via this, the intensity of colour on both the eyes might look different. So, you would need a tiny practice beforehand to use it correctly. The liner developed by this liner sealer stay put on my eyes for about 2-3 hours without smudging. After that, I notice that it starts fading, but won’t wash off entirely.

As a word of caution, I would indicate that after using the liner, don’t forget to clean the stained felt pointer part through make-up remover before putting it earlier so that it won’t contaminate the clear liquid later. I always follow this.

The Eye Primer component is in stick develop which renders its application straightforward. The colour is light/nude/via slight yellowish tone and it suits me well. In truth, there are times I end up making use of it as a concealer too under my eyes. Its consistency is soft and also blends out easily. The primer creates base, simply slightly sticky, which renders the eyes shadows continue to be on the lids for longer (I think).

The primer does a decent job by making the eye shadows more vibrant and also intense as compared to once they are worn as it is. It stays clear of creasing/smudging for about 3-4 hrs. I cannot think about this the best eye primer I have actually supplied, yet I would still recommend it to beginners or makeup enthusiasts who want to try eye looks.

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Overall, I favored this innovative product a lot and also I would certainly recommfinish this budobtain product to girls that love to attempt out brand-new points. At the price, I discover this product pretty decent.

Quickly summoccurring its pros and cons below:

:yes: You deserve to create as many shades of eye liners through the liner sealer side.:yes: The primer works excellent and renders eyeshadows vivid and long wearing.:yes: Easy application of product, both primer and also liner sealer.:yes: Interesting, handy, compact, incredibly functional packaging, which is simple to use and also bring.:yes: Very economical.:yes: Elf assets are not tested on animals

:no:Preparing the eye liner of same intensity might be tricky from the liner sealer component.:no:Lasting power of both primer and also liner is not great, just average.:no: ELF products are not available in India.:no:The chemicals in the list of ingredients scare me :tremble:

IMBB Rating: 3.25 ON 5 :-* :-* :-*

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