New CNN Morning Lineup: Kate Bolduan Hosts Solo, John Berman Teams With Poppy Harlow Replacing Carol Costello

31 January 2017

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John Bermale and Poppy Harlow will co-anchor CNN Newsroom from 9-11 Am, replacing Carol Costello, who sassist yesterday she’s moving to Hln. Kate Bolduan, that co-anchored At This Hour at 11 Am with Berguy, will now anchor solo. The brand-new morning schedule was announced by CNN chief Jeff Zucker, reliable February 6. Harlow has been a CNN weekfinish anchor considering that 2015. On the other hand, Dave Briggs joins CNN in February as co-anchor of Early Start alongside Christine Romans, beginning…
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John Berguy, Poppy Harlow Pair Up for New CNN Dayside Lineup

31 January 2017 by Brian Flood
CNN announced a brand-new dayside lineup on Tuesday that will certainly pair renowned hosts John Bermale and Poppy Harlow for “CNN Newsroom” each weekday from 9-11 a.m. Et, replacing Carol Costello who will relocate to Hln. Berman’s former co-organize, Kate Bolduan, will certainly now anchor “At This Hour” alone at 11 a.m. Et beginning on Feb. 6, while Dave Briggs will sign up with CNN to take over Berman’s “Early Start” gig. Briggs, who will certainly sign up with CNN on Feb. 23, was the co-anchor of “Weekfinish Fox & Friends” for 5 years. He the majority of freshly co-hosted a program on the NBC Sports Network-related and also was also.
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CNN cancels "Crossfire," more amid layoffs

15 October 2014 by Emily Blake
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CNN has actually canceled Crossfire—again—amid reports of about 300 layoffs at the network-related. The bipartisan political debate show had actually been on an extended hiatus considering that late July as soon as the news damaged on Wednesday. All 4 hosts—Stephanie Cutter, Newt Gingwealthy, S.E. Cupp and Van Jones—will certainly remajor through the netjob-related as political commenters, a resource shown to EW. Much of the manufacturing staff has actually been absorbed right into other roles within the netoccupational. Also being phased out are Sanjay Gupta MD, CNN Money via Christine Romans, and Unguarded with Rachel Nichols. Nichols will certainly reprimary on the netoccupational as its sole sporting activities anchor and organize primetime specials,
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CNN Shakes Up Daytime Lineup: ‘Around the World’ Being Pulled, New 11 A.M. Anchors Announced

17 January 2014 by Tim Kenneally
CNN shook up its daytime schedule on Friday, removing the international series “Around the World” through Suzanne Malveaux and also Michael Holmes and setting up a brand-new anchor team for the 11 a.m. Et hour. Also read: CNN’s Zain Asher Gets Emotional Over Brvarious other Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Oscar Nod, Tragic Crash That Killed Their Father Beginning Feb. 10, “Early Start” anchor John Berguy and “New Day” anchor Michaela Pereira will certainly co-anchor CNN’s 11 a.m. hour, via “Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield” moving to noon Et, the timeslot currently populated by “Around the World.” “Around the World” co-hold Suzanne Malveaux will transition to national correspondent for.
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CNN Dumps Daytime ‘Around The World’, Moves Ashleigh Banfield To Noon

17 January 2014 by THE DEADLINE TEAM
CNN‘s Around The World is toast and its hosts re-deployed — Ashleigh Banfield back to Washington as nationwide correspondent and Michael Holmes ago permanent at CNN International. It’s part of CNN’s daytime shakeup announced this morning. Starting Monday, February 10, John Bermale and Michaela Pereira will certainly co-anchor CNN’s 11 Am hour while continuing to anchor Early Start and also New Day, respectively. Legal View With Ashleigh Banarea is moving from 11 Am to noon. Wolf Blitzer will continue to anchor the 1 Pm hour; he will emphasis on national politics, breaking news and worldwide news. He will certainly also continue to anchor The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer weekdays from 5-6:30 Pm. Carol Costello will certainly continue to anchor 9-11 Am and also Brooke Baldwin will certainly continue to anchor 2-4 Pm. Click over for the finish weekday schedule: CNN Weekday Schedule Beginning February 10 (all times Et): 9-11 Am – Carol Costello 11 Am-noon – John Bermale and
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CNN Names Christine Romans Co-Anchor Of ‘Early Start’; Victor Blackwell And Christi Paul To Anchor ‘New Day Weekend’

06 January 2014 by THE DEADLINE TEAM
Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans has been called co-anchor of CNN’s early-morning regimen, Early Start. She will join co-anchor John Berman on the regime, which airs weekdays from 5-6 Am Et. Romans will certainly continue in her capacity as the network’s chief organization reporter and anchor of CNN’s company programs. “Given the audience’s interest in business news as the day starts, and also industries throughout the world have actually been open up for hours, Christine will add an excellent dimension to the program that starts CNN’s programming day,” shelp Jeff Zucker, President, CNN Worldwide. “Plus, Christine’s terrific rapport with John renders this a dynamic team for America to wake as much as.” In enhancement, Victor Blackwell and also Christi Paul have actually been called co-anchors of the network’s weekfinish morning program, New Day Weekend. The program airs from 6-9:30 Am Et on Saturdays and 6–7:30 Am and also 8-9 Am Et on Sundays.
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Christine Romans Named Co-Anchor of CNN’s ‘Early Start’

06 January 2014 by Tim Molloy
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Christine Romans is joining John Bermale as the co-anchor of CNN’s “Early Start,” and Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul have actually been named co-anchors of “New Day Weekfinish,” CNN announced. Look for Romans, CNN’s chief company correspondent, on”Early Start,” which airs weekdays from 5-6 a.m. Et. She will remain the network’s chief organization reporter and anchor of CNN’s service programs. Also read: Cable News Ratings 2013: Fox Tops While CNN Slides Into Second “Given the audience’s interest in organization news as the day begins, and also sectors throughout the globe have been open up for hours,
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Zoraida Sambolin Signs Off CNN’s ‘Early Start’ With Jeff Zucker Tribute: Video

13 December 2013 by LISA DE MORAES, TV Columnist
Zoraida Sambolin signed off CNN’s Early Start this morning; she’s returning to Chicback, where she functioned prior to joining CNN in 2011 from the Windy City’s NBC O&O. Sambolin, who fought breast cancer this year, announced this month she’s returning to be near family. “I’m going to miss out on CNN,” she said after thanking co-anchor John Bermale. “This is a great area led by an incredible man, who has actually simply been amazing to me – Jeff Zucker – which I need to point out, reason as soon as I got diagnosed with cancer, I want everybody to recognize, this guy walked into my office and also basically came through a silver platter and also sassist, ‘However before I deserve to assist you, whatever before I can carry out, I will’.” Watch here:
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CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin to Exit Netjob-related

04 December 2013 by Tim Kenneally
Just months after returning to CNN, Zoraida Sambolin is leaving the news netoccupational. Sambolin, co-anchor of CNN’s “Early Start,” will certainly exit the present later on this month, through her last day on the job being Dec. 13. Also read: CNN President Jeff Zucker Wants Programming With ‘Attitude,’ Discoexceptionally and also History Channel Viewers The anchor is vacating her place to return to Chicback. (Prior to coming aboard CNN, Chicback native Sambolin was the Weekday Edition co-anchor at Chicago’s NBC5 News Today.) “Zoraida Sambolin is among the finest journalists in the company. Her insightful reporting, kind nature, stamina and also resilience are universally admired,
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Angelina Jolie "empowered" CNN anchor to take cancer fight public

15 May 2013 by Jeff Labrecque
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Zoraida Sambolin, co-anchor of CNN’s Early Start, told viewers that she has breast cancer and credited Angelina Jolie’s public revelation around her wellness comes to through motivating her to share her very own challenging decision to undergo a twin mastectomy.Sambolin was diagnosed five weeks earlier and had been struggling via exactly how to break the news to her co-workers and also television audience when Jolie publiburned her story in the New York Times. “Angelina empowered me to share my story,” Sambolin wrote on “I figured out through some of the concerns she candidly questioned, such as her youngsters, her sexuality and her femininity.
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Angelina Jolie Inspires CNN Host Zoraida Sambolin to Announce Own Double Mastectomy Plans

14 May 2013
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Angelina Jolie is proceeding to inspire countless woguys after revealing she had a twin mastectomy to proccasion breastern cancer. One of them being CNN's Early Start hold Zoraida Sambolin, who went public through her very own breastern cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy plans on the national morning show today. "For a while I have been struggling because I was diagnosed through breastern cancer around three weeks earlier and also I was trying to number out exactly how execute I share this story, how perform I tell the viewers that I'm going to be gone for a while, because I have actually preferred to have actually a dual mastectomy," Sambolin told her cohold John Bermale. "Angelina Jolie's story really hit home." Brad Pitt's...
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CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin ‘Grateful’ To Angelina Jolie, Announces She Will Also Undergo Double Mastectomy

14 May 2013 by Tommy Christopher

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CNN Anchor Also Reveals Double Mastectomy Plans

14 May 2013 early start with john berman and christine romans