These organize atoms together in a molecule
chemical bonds
sand, pizza and also koolaide are all examples of...

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An attractivity between oppositely charged ionsionic bond
The development of difficult, brittle crystals with characteristic shapes is a residential or commercial property ofionic compounds
When dissolved in water, an ionic compound have the right to...conduct electricity
A chemical bond created once 2 atoms share electronscovalent bond
The smallest particle of an elementatom
Location of prolots and neutrons in an atomnucleus
A row throughout the regular table is called...period
At room temperature, even more than half of the nonsteel elemts are....gases
Wbelow on the regular table have the right to you find the variety of prolots in an atom?atomic number
Pwrite-ups in an atom through an unfavorable chargeelectrons
The scientist whose design resembles planets in orbitBohr
Each family members in the regular table has actually its own characteristic properties based upon....variety of valence electrons
The bond between a positive ion and a negative ionionic bond
location of nonmetals on the routine tableright side
Scientist whose atomic design is based on the gold foil experiment - largely empty spaceRutherford
Atomic design through a cloudchoose region roughly the nucleus dubbed energy levelsCloud of Electrons model
"Plum pudding" modelThomson
a simple method to create the chemical formulas for ionic compoundsswitch the positive and negative charge numbers
anypoint that has actually mass and also takes up spacematter
Ions made of even more than one atom (containing 3 or maore elements)polyatomic ions
two pairs of electrons common between 2 atomsdouble bond
The item written first in a chemical formula for an ionic compoundpositive ion
The atomic number tells you...the number of prolots in the nucleus of an atom
the number of valence electrons in the atoms of team 15five
Why do researchers usage models to define atoms?they are also small to see
In each atom, the number of proloads equates to the number of...electrons
These aspects share attributes through both metals and also nonmetalsmetalloids
flourine, chlorine, bromine, and also iodine are all component of the family members calledhalogens
2 or even more substances together in the same area, NOT chemically combinedmixture
These negatively charged pwrite-ups are loosely held by the atomvalence electrons
an facet that has actually gained an electronnegative ion
an facet that has actually shed an electronpositive ion
pshort articles in an atom via no charge; they are neutralneutrons
How many type of valence electrons make an atom "happy"?eight
What are the areas called wright here electrons are found?power levels
The as a whole charge of an atom is...neutral
An atomic particle through a positive chargeproton
An atom or team of atoms via an electrical chargeion
What execute atoms of facets in the very same group have actually in common?# of valence electrons - this provides them similar properties (reactive/stable)
aspects in team 18 are referred to as...

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noble gases
These atomic pshort articles are found in the nucleus.prolots and also neutrons
Type of bonds in a compound consisting of a steel and also a nonmetalionic
Type of bonds in a compound consisting of a non-steel and also a non-metalcovalent
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