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Dustin Brown wanted a secure grip on the two knives he had actually schosen to slaughter the kids.

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Before leaving his Morton, Illinois, house on the afternoon of October 13, the 19-year-old wrapped each knife"s manage carefully via duct tape. He then pulled on a pair of grippy gloves. The one-mile journey to the public library offered Brown one last opportunity to rehearse the plan he had actually contemplated for the last two weeks. Five-inch chisels jingled together in his backload all the while.

Hanging over whatever, son pornography charges endangered to ruin Brown"s life. Despite some rudimentary precautions, his digital cache of videos had actually been uncovered by investigators earlier in the year. Searched, arrested, and also eventually expelled from Morton High School, Brown felt he had nopoint left to live for. In this lowest of moments, he wanted only to damage the lives of others before turning his duct-tape-recorded knives on himself.


Enhuge / Dustin Brown.
Morton Police

Morton, a 17,000-perboy village just outside of Peoria along I-74, bills itself as the "pumpkin funding of the civilization." Its case to fame lies in its countless acres of pumpkin ranches, together with an enormous Nestlé plant that cans Libby"s puréed pumpkin. Directly behind the Nestlé plant, throughout the railroad tracks, sits the town"s single-story brick library. At 3:25pm, Brvery own walked inside and also sat dvery own at a table. He looked approximately. A chess club was meeting in the library conference room, and Brown watched the 16 children—some as young as seven—through rising rage. Furious at the legal charges against him, Brown experienced a means to precise a twisted create of revenge versus kids. He opened his backload and also pulled out the knives.

Inside the conference room, 75-year-old instructor James Vernon looked up from a chess board and also observed Brown running towards him. Brown organized a knife in each hand; as he entered the conference room, he screamed out, "I"m going to kill some people!"


Though Vernon had actually invested his career in IT at the regional Caterpillar plant, he had taken knife-fight training in the Army many kind of years prior to. He immediately stepped forward into Brown"s path, trying to distract the young man—however additionally hoping to check out which hand also he might usage to assault. Local newspaper reporter Michael Smothers spoke to Vernon afterward around what happened:

“I tried to clear up him down,” shelp. “I didn’t, however I did deflect his attention” from the youngsters “and calmed him a little. I asked him if he was from Morton, did he go to high institution. I asked what his difficulty was. He said his life "sucks." That’s a quote.”

As Vernon spoke, he stepped closer to Brown. “He backed amethod as soon as I’d acquire closer.” With a couple of steps, Vernon put himself between Brown and also the room’s door, with the youngsters under the tables behind him.

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“I provided them the cue to gain the heck out of tright here, and, boy, they did that! Fast, favor rabbits,” Vernon sassist...

Vernon watched what Brown did through his knives and learned.

“I knew he was right-handed. He was whittling on his left arm” with the one in that hand, “making little cuts. He was trying to streatment me, and he did.” But if Brown attacked, “I kbrand-new which hand also it was coming from.”

The strike came via a sudden slash. Vernon threw up an arm in defense, taking cuts to 2 arteries in his hand also and also wrist, before shoving Brown hard toward the tables. Brown landed through his bodyweight pinning his left arm beneath him, rendering the second knife inreliable. Vernon, bleeding profusely, ordered Brown"s best wrist via one hand also and punched Brvery own repeatedly in the best shoulder till the assailant dropped the first knife.

Library staff rushed in to disarm Brvery own, holding him till police arrived minutes later. According to prosecutors, while Brown was being led out to a waiting ambulance, he told police and paramedics, "I failed my mission to kill everyone."

The violent conclusion to the story was unusual, yet the kid pornography examination that collection Brvery own off was not. Increasingly, such investigations aren"t ssuggest spurred by agents monitoring file-sharing networks or infiltrating the paranoid human being of digital neighborhoods dedicated to boy sex abuse. While those investigations continue, instances today can typically aincrease from tips lodged by Internet companies, specifically those that provide cloud storage.

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And in this case, Brown"s instance was collection in activity by among the the majority of popular of cloud storage suppliers around: Dropbox.