If you"re looking for Felandaris in Dragon Age: Inquisition so you deserve to finish the Letter From A Lover quest, this overview will certainly assist you out.

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Dragon Era Inquisition Letter From A Lover Featured Split Image of Finding and also Giving Felandaris
After the prologue, the Hinterlands is likely the first area you'll travel to in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This underrated green region is filled via all sorts of quests for you to do. However, the Letter From A Lover one can leave you puzzled. After all, to complete it, you should get hold of a plant that doesn't flourish in the Hinterlands.

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Instead, you deserve to uncover the herb in certain higher-level locations, which is a piece of information that the game doesn't reveal. So, below is an explanation of wright here to discover the elusive Felandaris and also exactly how to complete the rest of the quest, as well.

Starting The Quest

Dragon Era Inquisition Letter From My Lover Map Location
To initiate the mission, you must discover the titular letter. It stays in a camp, which is in the northwest location of the Hinterlands map.

Dragon Era Inquisition Letter Location
The item of paper lays on a bench. In the letter, the writer asks their love to carry some Felandaris to the Stone Lady. Despite not being the lover in question, you have to complete the letter's request.

Wright here To Find Felandaris

Tbelow are a number of means you have the right to acquire Felandaris:

Pick it up in Empclimb du Lion Pick it up in the Arbor Wilds Randomly loot it Find it in Frostearlier Container (Only as part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC) Buy it from the Stone-Bear Hold Crafting Materials merchant (Only as component of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC) Buy it from the Winter Palace merchant (Only as part of the Trespasser DLC)

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Picking Felandaris From Empclimb Du Lion

Dragon Era Inquisition Split Image Showing Felandaris Location
If you don't have actually the DLCs, then Empclimb Du Lion is arguably the best location to pick up the herb. In truth, it's one of Dragon Era Inquisition's finest locations in general. However, it's recommfinished that you don't travel to the location until you're at leastern level 16. Once there, you can discover some Felandaris by Elfsblood tower, which is the area surrounded by a frozen lake in the northern part of the map.

Dragon Period Inquisition Felandaris Locations Within Suledin Keep
Alternatively, if you've done the Capturing Suledin Keep quest, then you have the right to search sassist keep as it's filled through Felandaris.

With the item of Felandaris gained, you have the right to currently take it to the Stone Lady.

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The statue is waiting in the northwest location of the Hinterlands. However before, you can't simply run to that component of the map to discover the lady as she is very high up.

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First, you have to go slightly northeast of the objective marker to uncover a space wright here you can begin your ascent. Then ssuggest follow that path around to make your means to the Stone Lady.

Placing The Felandaris And Facing The Consequences

Once you're at the statue, you have the right to hit the prompt to hand over the Felandaris, which completes the search. However, you will certainly also get attacked by a constant Wraith. It's not among the ideal or strongest demons in the game, though, so you must have the ability to take it out.