Download error.tap to retry

“When I attempt to downfill songs from iTunes directly to my iPhone, I acquire the error message “Download Error. Tap to retry“, how to deal with it?”

“I recently buy two songs from iTunes on my iPhone 6, however both songs go wrong and list in the "Downloads" tab through the error “Unwell-known error (8268)” I have no concept exactly how to deal with it?"

Going with Apple Communities Support, it’s simple to uncover that iTunes downfill error occur a lot to iOS individuals.

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When you buy music, movies, or TV reflects from the iTunes Store, the iTunes downfill error can occur and also your downpack can not complete. Many individuals are eager to find iTunes “Unknown error (8268)” solution for iPhone/iPad/iPod and also resolve “Download error, tap to retry” issue. Next you are offered to see why iTunes downpack error occurs and also just how to deal with this issue.

Why iTunes Downpack Error Happens

iTunes lost its link to the InternetiTunes quit prior to the download finishedYour iOS 10/9/8 tool or computer restarted throughout a downloadYour Net connection was too slowAnvarious other application blocked the downpack, such as third-party defense software application or a firewall

How to Fix iTunes Downfill Error (Including “Downpack Error. Tap to retry”, “Unknown error (8268)”)

Here are few matters need your attention when you come across iTunes download difficulties.

Restart your computer and also your iPhone, iPad or iPod.Check to make certain that you"ve set up all forced updays for your computer and also have actually installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer.Check the USB cable to ensure that you have the Apple-provided USB cable directly connect to your gadget.Make certain that Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is mounted.

You can additionally put to use the complying with tricks for how to deal with iTunes downfill error 8268 and deal with iTunes fails to download songs/videos on iOS tools. Read the following 5 tips and pick the precise one depending on your situation.

Solution 1: Fix iTunes Error through Free TunesCare (Recommend) TunesCare is an all-in-one iTunes fix and also repair tool which will deal with all iTunes errors and also syncing difficulties.

Click "Fix iTunes Sync Problems" choice and also wait for a while. Tunescare will repair the corrupted iTunes library automatically."

If this 1-click solution does not fix your iTunes downfill error, you deserve to usage the progressed mode by clicking "Fix All iTunes Issues". This progressed repair approach will deal with your iTunes issue thoapproximately.

Solution 2: Hit iTunes Pause Button to Re-download Items

Tap to retry download. When iTunes is attempting to downpack your purchased songs/videos aget, simply hit the Pause button. Once it was paoffered, hit the switch aobtain to resume the download.

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If the over actions can’t work out, press the pausage button, go to settings and switch off WiFi (It will pressure the downpack to usage the sluggish cellular network). This time you will be provided enough time to click the pausage switch.

Equipment 3: Clear Stuck Downloading

In your iPhone, iPad or iPod, go to the downfill page and also find the tiny down-pointing arrow symbol. Placed your finger on the down-pointing arrow icon and flick (quick brief swipe) to the left. This down-suggest arrow will bring delete button. Tap Delete switch.

After that, it will clear stuck downloading, in-progression download. Then you can attempt the normal download again.

Equipment 4: Choose Available Download to Download Songs/Videos

Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer system utilizing USB cable.Open iTunes. Under “Store”, go to “Purchased”.Choose “Available Downloads” and also then download the songs/videos.

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Solution 5: Click Cloud Icon to Resume Download

Go to iTunes keep on your iOS tool.Choose “purchased”.Find the “Movie” or “TV series you want to downpack.Click the cloud symbol. Your downpack will certainly resume.

Done! With these knacks, your iTunes downfill issue can be settled well. If you encounter iTunes sync concern, refer below to acquire the solution for it. For more about iTunes troubles, view right here to obtain exactly how to deal with iTunes worry. Share via your friends through these all-right tips!