What an election year. I feel prefer I"ve been transported with a cosmic squirrel hole and also into a baffling political world wbelow facts are fiction, bizarre is normal and also corruption is a virtue. Am I hallucinating? Or has this insanity really happened?

Since I can"t yet conjure up the deep interpretations (or absence thereof) in this year"s nationwide vote, I"ll offer instead a reflection on some of the oddities from this rutted and also pot-holed general election road we"ve traveled, jouncing with the devastation lugged mainly by the furies howling from deep within The Donald.

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Trump on his very own splendiforousness:

"No one RESPECTS WOMEN even more than me."

"Nobody BUILDS WALLS better than me, believe me."

"MY IQ is among the greatest."

"Nobody knows even more about TAXES than me."

"Nobody knows BANKING much better than I perform."

"I have actually a great connection with THE BLACKS."

"There"s nobody that"s done so a lot for EQUALITY as I have."

"I"m the LEAST RACIST person you"ll ever before accomplish."

"Nobody"s ever been even more SUCCESSFUL than me."

"Nobody knows THE SYSTEM much better than me."

"I"m REALLY RICH. And by the way, I"m not also saying that in a braggadocious means."

"There"s nobody that feels even more strongly about WOMEN"S HEALTH ISSUES!"

"There hregarding be SOME FORM OF PUNISHMENT ."

Finally, who have the right to forgain Trump"s assessment of his very own magnificence in a 2015 Lincoln Day speech, once he declared: "Bing bing, bong bong, bing bing." Hoswarm Abe couldn"t have shelp it better, might he?

Trump"s boundless ego wasn"t the worst of the spectacle, of course. Aobtain and again this year, packs of Republihave the right to Congress critters rushed to the media to denounce the boorish comments and also bullying behavior of their party"s presidential nominee. And then, having actually blasted Trump as being somewright here between thuggish and also ethically depraved, they proceeded to urge voters to elect the brute our nation"s leader.

The worst of these gutless lawmakers are the optimal two GOP leaders, Housage Speaker Paul Ryan and also Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Like clowns in a jack-in-the-box, they retained popping out to decry The Donald"s latest attack on the civilization he hates. Then this pitiful duo meekly folded back right into the box, reiterating that, well, they would certainly still endorse him to be president of our UNITED STATE of A! For example, after October"s stunning revelation that Trump had actually bragged on video around just how easy it is for him to assault womales sexually, here came McConnell, professing outrage: "As the father of 3 daughters," he sputtered, "I strongly believe that Trump needs to apologize ... for the utter absence of respect for women." In turn, Ryan proasserted that he was "sickened by what I heard." Nonethemuch less, neither Mitch nor Paul was offfinished enough to withdraw his adopt of Trump, rather insisting that the misogynist should be our president. How sickening is that?

Then came the Congressional two-action, a Republican line-dance featuring stalwarts so appalled by the Trump Access Hollylumber video that they summoned the integrity to withattract their endorsement of the serial groper. Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska asserted Trump"s attitude "disgusting and totally unacceptable under any type of circumstance," calling on him to withdraw; Sen. John Thune of South Dakota likewise demanded that the nominee action dvery own, fuming that Trump"s boasting of grabbing women"s genitals was "more offensive than anypoint that had seen" from the narcissistic candiday. At last, some political courage! But just momentarily. Scorched by a furious backlash from Donald diehards, Fischer and Thune easily stepped ago into line, obediently dancing aacquire to Trump"s tune and pledging abrand-new to assistance him.

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Even though I still can"t make feeling of it all, I do understand that now even more than ever it is necessary for us to continue to organize and also mobilize throughout the nation around populist issues and also neighborhood projects. The Working Families Party, the Greens, the majority of Democrats (consisting of Hillary backers) and also the no-party world are in open rebellion and also change is coming. To development it, countless us Berniecrats have actually introduced Our Revolution, an independent, state-based political network that flows from, and is structure on, the development and grassroots structures of Sanders" seminal run. It"s currently arranging for following year"s local elections and looking toward the 2018 congressional races, the 2020 presidential contest — and past.