Brooklyn-based band Great Caesar are turning heads throughout the nation after releasing an effective music video this week.

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The video for the band’s recently released etop quality anthem “Don’t Ask Me Why” is a portrayal of the agonizing battle of three imagined couples who contend through hatred and abusage from friends and also family unsupportive of their interracial or homosex-related relationships. Its hopeful ending has actually inspired hundreds of viewers to share the video through friends on social media.

Since premiering on Upworthy at the begin of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the music video for “Don’t Ask Me Why” has racked up even more than 80,000 views on YouTube in less than 48 hrs. Great Caesar trumpet player Tom Sikes tells us the message of the video is that “all human being deserve to have the ability to love that they want to love” — and that message has actually resonated with heavy-hitting viewers favor Russell Simmons, Wyclef Jean and Arsenio Hall, who all shared the video on Twitter as a fitting tribute to King’s legacy.


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Sikes claims supportive emails and also tweets have actually poured in quicker than the band’s six members — all of whom job-related permanent work — can check out them. Sikes and his band have actually developed a modest adhering to playing a unique brand also of jazz-inspired rock to audiences at venues favor Webster Hall, Mercury Lounge and the Knitting Factory in recent years, and also they’re not used to every one of the newfound attention.

Great Caesar wanted to fight homophobia in their music video for “Don’t Ask Me Why.”Credit: Great Caesar

“I was blown ameans seeing names favor that popping up on our Twitter feed,” states Sikes. “Equally amazing, though, are the thoughtful responses to the video from non-celebrities and also complete strangers I’ve seen on every little thing from YouTube comment boards to Facebook conversations.”

Though the video appeared to blow up on social media out of nowhere, the band’s method to “Don’t Ask Me Why” took plenty of cautious planning.

The members of Great Caesar have been perfecting the song since singer/guitarist John-Michael Parker penned the lyrics more than a year ago, and also the idea to create a music video via an effective message emerged early on last year.

Next off, the band also installed a crowdresources project on Kickstarter over the summer. Sikes states it took “hundreds of phone calls and emails to friends, household, celebrities, athletes, policydevices — essentially anyone who would listen” before the band also blew with its fundincreasing goal of $35,000, raising more than $50,000 from more than 600 supporters.

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What began as a song and the dream of “fighting homophobia with storytelling” has advanced into a video that has actually been spanned by the likes of MTV and also national LGBT magazine The Advocate. Sikes says, “It’s suractual. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive throughout the board, and we are beyond excited.”

In addition to releasing “Don’t Ask Me Why” this week, the band also simply finiburned recording a four-song EP, and they’re likely to wrap up a full-size album later on this year. Great Caesar’s next live performance will certainly be at Glasslands in Williamsburg on Feb. 18.