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April 28, 2016


For those that own a LG G4 you may not understand of the Fingerprint Sensor. This Fingerprint reader on LG G4 allows you to usage LG or Android Pay and also login into apps or websites through your fingerprint as password.

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For those that desire to understand exactly how to use the Fingerprint Sensor on the LG G4, go toSetups > Lock screen and also protection > Screen lock form > Fingerprintsand also follow the ondisplay instructions to allow and also set up the fingerprint scanner on the LG G4. Afterwards you can come back and either include more fingerprints or rerelocate fingerprints that will match via the LG G4 Fingerprint Sensor.

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The major reason you would want to understand how to set up the LG G4 Fingerprint reader is to have the ability to use your thumb to unlock the smartphone via one hand also. Anvarious other factor you have to usage the Fingerprint scanner on the LG G4 is that you want have to form in different passwords once surfing the internet with a sign-in web page or downloading and install various apps to verify a LG account. The adhering to is a guide on exactly how to erected the boosted LG G4 Fingerprint Sensor.

Set up the Fingerprint Sensor

The LG G4 makes it simple to protect your smartphone via thebrand-new and also enhanced integrated fingerprint scanner on both of the brand-new smartphones by LG. You don’t need to mess via any passwords or trends to unlock your device. It’s straightforward to usage and also basic to erected for the initially time.

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Turn on LG G4Goto theLock screen and securityin theSettingsSelect onFingerprintand then+Add fingerprintFollow the instructions until 100% of your fingerprint has been scannedSetupa backup passwordSelectOkto Enable Fingerprint LockNow to unlock your phone sindicate hold your finger on the residence button

If your LG G4 is stolenthe fingerprint scanner can aid keepyour personal information safe, but it won’t rerevolve the phone for you.