An elevator has actually a proclaimed maximum capacity of 12 civilization or 2004 pounds. If 12 world have actually weights through a mean better than (2004/12) = 167 pounds, the capacity will certainly be gone beyond. Assume that weights of guys are generally spread through a intend of 182.9 pounds and also a traditional deviation of 40.8 pounds. Sjust how your job-related and round your answers to FOUR decimal locations.

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b. Compute the probcapacity that 12 randomly selected males will have actually a expect weight that is better than 167 pounds.
How could i examine my work so that I recognize I was on the best track because I think I did this appropriately yet I can be wrong.

a) You"ve effectively calculated the Z and looked it up. I would have actually selected 0.3483 quite than .0.3850 since -0.3897 is so close to -0.39 fairly than -0.38. But this is hardly considerable. What is more crucial is the worth you looked up is the probability that z 167 #, we need to subtract the answer from the table from 1.00
b) Again you"ve set this up effectively and adjusted the conventional deviation for the variety of participants selected, but remember the z table offers us the probcapacity of being much less than not greater than. So, subtract your answer from 1.000
c) I agree through your response to c. With a probability that 12 males schosen at random having actually an 88% probcapacity that the mean of their weights is higher than 167, the capacity should be redeclared.

I do not think you have actually calculated the probcapability appropriately in a or b. Also in b you used 169 instead of 167.

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I looked up z=-.39 in the table to obtain .3133 (area between -.39 and 0) and also then added .5 to acquire the remainder of the location considering that we want in between -.39 and infinity.
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