Born on September 29, 1988, Kevin Wayne Durant Jr. is an NBA player with the Brooklyn Nets. He was picked by the Seattle Supersonics in the 2007 NBA Draft and played nine periods with the franchise that changed its name to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008. He then signed via the Golden State Warriors in 2016 and won back-to-back championships for them in 2017 and 2018.

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Durant has won two NBA championships, an NBA MVP Award, two Finals MVP Awards, an NBA Rookie of the seaboy, and two Olympic Gold medals. He is additionally one of the highest-earning basketball players off the court, thanks to his assorted endorsement deals, and has actually a wonderful philanthropic reputation. In 2012, Kevin Durant starred in the film "Thunderstruck". In past years, he has additionally contributed as a photographer and also writer to The Players" Tribune.

Player nameKevin Wayne Durant Jr.
BornSeptember 29, 1988
Won championships withGolden State Warriors
Ring count2
Ring years2017, 2018
Drafted year2007
Drafted bySeattle Supersonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder)

How many rings does Kevin Durant have?

Kevin Durant has 2 championship rings, both through the Golden State Warriors, consecutively in 2017 and also 2018.

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What years did Kevin Durant Rings win his championship rings?

2017 Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland also Cavaliers: This seachild went great for the Warriors, who had got totally free agent Kevin Durant in the offseason. The team was hailed as "Superteam", developing a brand-new All-Star Big four through Durant, Stephen Curry, Draymond Eco-friendly, and also Klay Thompboy. Durant scored an average of 35 points per game in the finals, the the majority of for any player in the series. He likewise won the MVP Award. The Warriors won the series 4-1.

2018 Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland also Cavaliers: The Warriors continued their winning streak via Durant, that had actually maintained his excellent create. Durant was titled NBA Finals MVP for the second year consecutively. The Warriors won the series 4-0. He scored an average of 28.8 points per game, the highest for a player in the series, and an average of 10.8 rebounds a game.