Does dell laptops have bluetooth

I don"t know exactly how to revolve on Bluetooth on my lapheight. I have tried a lot but I am not getting the alternative how to turn the Bluetooth on

Source Connect to a Bluetooth Device From Your Dell Computer in Windows 7

Locate the Bluetooth symbol in the lower-appropriate corner of the computer display screen.

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The Bluetooth icon may be surprise, click the Show concealed symbols arrowhead to display any type of concealed symbols.


If tright here is no symbol view How to Downfill and also Install a Driver?


I had actually disabled the bluetooth on my Dell Inspiron 3000 series, bereason it was connecting to Bluetooth devices as soon as I didn"t want it too. But now I wanted it earlier on, and also couldn"t remember exactly how to execute it. Luckily I figured it out on my very own. This is exactly how I discovered it.

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At the startup menu, search for "tool manager"Look on the list for Bluetooth RadiosI clicked on "Dell Wireless 1705 Bluetooth"Tright here need to be a display that mirrors if you device is enabled or disabled. Click "enable".


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