You know what they say about, if it ain’t KU basketball season in Lawrence, it ain’t happening…

And while it’s not like eextremely single thing in Larry revolves about Allen Field House, it does seem that method at times. Take the current student newspaper Top 20 "KU Bucket List" of stuff the kids desire to perform prior to graduating.

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No. 10: "See Bill Self without his toupée: ‘That’s somepoint I’ve always been interested in. It looks so

actual. I think he has actually the sides still, however not the height.’ — Killian Cull, a sophoeven more from Overland Park."

KU fans and foes have actually suggested for years around whether the KU basketsphere coach wears a rug or not.

And while both sides are passionate – some also saying he can’t because there’s a bald spot – nobody’s ever before really pinned the tail on Self’s donessential and also laid down a definitive account regarding the rug’s existance.

Until now.

Due to the fact that for what it’s worth, I’m going to give it to you from among the horse’s mouths and tell you Self does indeed wear a hairitem.

How carry out I recognize for sure?

Because former Kansas City Star director of retail sales and team publishing Steve Curd told me so a number of years ago. Curd, that later ended up being the publisher of the Independence and Blue Springs Examiner (he left in January), knows because he was an eye witness to Self’s hairlessness when the two attfinished Oklahoma State University in the early-mid 1980s.

Notice the crop on the virtual publicity pic of Self from his playing days at OSU?

And while it might seem silly – and let’s challenge it, it entirely is – to dig on someone’s wig, offer Self credit for having a nice sufficient one to divide the speculation so evenly regarding have actually people arguing around it online.

In reality, Self’s toupée even has actually not one but 2 Twitter accounts.

"I’m the hairpiece of NCAA Championship winning basketball coach Bill Self, and I have stories to tell," reads one.

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"Bill Self doesn’t wear me. I wear Bill Self. Bill Self’s head (sometimes)," states one more.