Does airdrop compress photos

I"m looking for the best way to share full resolution photos in between iOS tools. I"m curious if Airdrop is much better than iMessage or vice versa, or if there"s one more better approach. I experimented through one photo taken via an iPhone X that I sent out to a 7 Plus through Airdrop and via iArticle. Both photos showed the exact same resolution (3024 x 4032), yet the one sent out by means of Airdrop was 5.1 MB while the one sent out using iMessage was 6.0 MB. What causes this readjust is size? Is the 6.0 MB photo really much better quality? Thanks!

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When send photos with Air Drop or iMessperiods, the format may be converted, if your iPhone X is taking the photos in HEIC format. It will certainly depend on the high quality of the JPEG compression, just how excellent the result will certainly be.

See: Using HEIF or HEVC media on gadgets - Support does unfortunately not offer any type of details on the high quality of the format convariation.

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Yeah specifically what "léonie" shelp. IOS 11 has actually the ability to make photos take up practically fifty percent the room of photos in IOS 10 so the convariation is more than likely why.

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AirDrop is probably your best bet. I discover the quality often tends to be better and also points carry much faster.

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On my tools I suffer that if you sfinish a large photo (e.g not one taken on an iPhone camera yet on a DSLR) is that iPost will certainly sfinish an extremely low top quality photo over (this depends on your settings). WhatsApp is a great method yet you are right in that mostly airdrop is the best method to ensure a high high quality picture. The top quality of the photo is not necessarily around the size of it in megabytes it is more in relation to the dpi and also amount of megapixels. The 5 mb photo that you took is not that substantial so iArticle would not compush it and send as a reduced quality photo. To encertain that iMesseras does not reduced the top quality of your image go to settings > iBlog post > Low-Quality Image Mode. Make sure that this mode is not on as various other wise some of your imperiods will certainly be sent out in lower high quality. I would certainly say all at once though that WhatsApp or airdrop is the best as it is simpler to sfinish. Sometimes iPost battles to sfinish huge photos when on low signal or abroad on holiday.