Document file is locked for editing by unknown user

After updating my installation to 5.4.12 whenever I attempt to open up a file I acquire a message stating " file "" is locked for editing and enhancing by yourself on a various device. This seems to be occurring just after updating to v 5.4.12. I know I deserve to open up the documents in check out only and conserve the file to a brand-new name for modifying. This have the right to be rather cumbersome. Is there settle for this? Due to the fact that I have actually the .msi file for the previous variation can I uninstall and also reinstall the earlier variation. Also I review that a mechanism reclaim helped someone through the exact same difficulty. Would that work?

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I assume you are making use of Windows as you mention .msi file.

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Close; in Windows Explorer go to the directory (folder) containing the file stated in the message. Set Windows Explorer to show surprise papers. Locate and also delete any files via names prefer .~lock.xxxx wbelow xxxx is the name of a document file.

This should settle the difficulty. Search this site utilizing "" for more.

Try Windows Disk Cleanup and also see if it transforms somepoint up. Are you probably saving to a remote device?

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Sorry, utilizing Windows 10. I understand your reply but in the Documents Explorer home window the Hidden Items box is already checked and tright here are no surprise papers displayed.

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Have you tried in search of papers whose name includes lock? Search your whole C: drive (assuming that is wbelow your papers are kept)

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No such lock file is found! What deserve to I attempt next?


Nopoint was discovered utilizing Windows Disk Cleanup or CCleaner or at leastern nopoint resolved the difficulty.


Does Sysinternals have actually the capcapability to kill a lock on a file? If so, exactly how execute I find it? I" looked at sysinernals yet its a little over my head.


Where are you actually conserving the file(s)?

Files are conserved to exact same folder on difficult drive. Just tried opening a document and also saving it to a various area on tough drive. It can be opened up and also edited from tright here. Moved it earlier to original folder and also it is locked. But the file cannot be simply relocated to a brand-new location. Seems to need to be opened and also " as...." in the new area.


This (file in various other folder can be opened) says to me some sort of Windows pergoals issue ??

So far as I deserve to tell perobjectives are the same. I looked at properties for the same file in either folder and comparing settings in the Security tab. Is that the best place?


Check the catalog perobjectives as well. Not being a Windows user, Im not sure about the Security tab.If it isn" magazine perobjectives, then based on indevelopment you have provided, I have actually no additionally principles, sorry.

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Sorry, using Windows 10. I understand your reply yet in the Data Explorer window the Hidden Items box is already checked and also there are no hidden papers displayed.

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