Tright here are medical professionals throughout Butte and also Glenn counties. You are encouraged to search on the internet to find doctors in locations that are convenient to you. Please understand also that even prior to the Camp Fire ruined the healthtreatment framework in Chico, Paradise and also Magalia, major treatment service providers have actually remained in brief supply. Butte and Glenn counties are considered rural, and a lot of rural The golden state counties are suffering from this shortage.You should contact the physicians’ office to ask if they are accepting brand-new patients, exactly how long it will take to be checked out and what insurance they will certainly take. We will certainly make every initiative to upday this list typically (last updated March 6,2019):Northern Valley Indian Health is giving priority to Camp Fire survivors, even those that are not Native Indian. They sell comprehensive solutions that incorporate dental, behavior health and wellness, addiction treatment and even more. There are several clinics in Chico which are taken on with their main phone line: (530) 896-9400.

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Ampla Health in Magalia (530) 873-5030 and Orland (530) 865-5544 have lesser wait times:Paradise Medical Group (PMG) relocated to Chico and is located at 277 Cohasset Roadway after the fire. Their team has actually a nurse practitioner to help accept even more patients and also might have the ability to accept new Meditreatment patients. (530) 872-6650.Mangrove Medical Group, as of December 19, 2018, was accepting new patients. (530) 345-0064

Concierge or Direct Pay (no insurance plans):

Premier Primary Care: (530) 809-0674


Chico Outpatient Clinic – VA Northern The golden state Health Care System: (530) 879-5000Butte County Public Health has clinics in Chico.

Specialty physicians

Some specialty medical professionals in Chico such as Dermatologists are not accepting new patients. You are motivated to usage our Physician Finder link to page and search for doctors in surrounding communities such as Oroville or farther to Lincoln and also Roseville.

Emergency Care

Call 911. All 4 hospitals in Butte County are functioning:

Enloe Medical Center is in Chico.Feather River Hospital in Paradise is continuing to administer treatment and reopened up a clinic in late February 2019.Oroville Hospital in Oroville has actually some building and construction however is fully functioning.Orcdifficult Hospital in Gridley is also accessible.

The Butte-Glenn Medical Society is a non-profit company of physician leaders. We attempt to be a source for the neighborhood by referring our members. However before, we are not currently funded to take care of the many phone calls we receive eexceptionally day asking for assistance. We perform not track which doctors take what insurance, nor do we recognize exactly how lengthy it will certainly take for their practices to schedule appointments.We understand this case is challenging. You are encouraged to reach out to your representatives and also advocate for change. On the other hand, the Butte-Glenn Medical Society and also the The golden state Medical Association are looking at irreversible, sustainable options to recruit even more medical professionals and other healthtreatment service providers to our area. These programs include:

Loan forgiveness for medical professionals who accept Medicarespanned patients in this area;Increasing physician residency programs in the area;Partnering with the California Telehealth and wellness Netjob-related to use technology;Provide scholarships to inspire neighborhood high college and also CSU Chico premed students to seek a clinical education.

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We companion with Rural County Representatives of The golden state (RCRC) and have actually a strong partnership via Butte County Healthcare Collaborative to discover solutions. We are preparing a interactions setup that will certainly raise the access of care worry to statewide recognition.