I'm sure everyone has to address these inquiries at least eincredibly other week. I'm cshed via my co-employees and eexceptionally Thursday (4-day work weeks currently) or Friday, I always get asked, "Any plans for this weekend?" I pretty a lot simply flat out say "No" all the moment because I don't feel prefer making mundane home chores and individual accountancy seem amazing.

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On the other side of the coin, on Mondays I gain asked "What did you do this weekend?" And aget, every time I just say "Nothing" or "The exact same point I carry out eincredibly weekend: nothing" for the exact same reasons.

Just curious how various other introverts manage the "weekend" questions?


As an introvert, I'm not really bothered by the question. I just a answer it. Sometimes it's an interesting answer, sometimes not. As with life.

I just answer it. Although I've been going out of my method to attempt to do stuff below and also tright here, because I began feeling like doing nopoint, while relaxing is not enough.

Tomorrow I'm going to rent a auto and also drive to the coastline and simply sit roughly, review a book, and also listen to the sea on top of some cliffs.

that sounds amazing right currently. I've been roped right into meeting up through some friends. what was initially a small meet up has turned right into dinner and a movie via 15+ world (some of whom I bacount recognize ugh)

I would love nopoint even more than to sit external and also play pokemon or review comics

I'm pretty busy in the time of my weekends, so I guess I do commonly have actually a solution, however even on the quiet, plan-cost-free ones, I'll give them something: I'm going to finish this excellent book I've been tearing via, or finally get to that video game I haven't had a opportunity for, or I'm going to fucking binge-watch Fargo and wear just garments made of sweatpants.

Even "nothing" is somepoint, if you obtain right into the details.

"Yep! I arrangement to isolate myself from the rest of mankind so I can actually acquire some tranquility and also quiet for once!"

It depends what you want to attain. If you desire to simply get them off your ago, then "Nothing" is a pretty excellent answer.

If you desire to begin a conversation and also look like a fascinating perkid, pick one thing that you've been wanting to do for a while (e.g. take a one-night vacation to the beach, or work-related on that woodworking task that you just haven't discovered the moment for) and also tell them that's what you'll be doing. As a bonus, once you've announced that you setup to execute it, you can actually execute it.

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Nopoint much. Not a lot. You understand, the usual. Same ole shit. As generic as possible to prevent ongoing concerns.


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